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Workshop for parents!

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Gaye Mullen, a parenting consultant and mentor, has been running Punchestown AMI school for over 25 years , i was actually one of her first pupils in her Montessori school!

Gaye currently runs ‘Calm Children’
(Mindfulness and Positivity classes and workshops for children & teenagers!)

Between sleepness nights and busy days it’s difficult to know what is out there for parents in terms of classes and parenting courses. I wanted to share ‘Positive Parenting Ireland’ who offer a gambit of classes.

The latest class that i really like is ‘Raising your amazing baby!’
This will not be a course telling you what formula to use or what buggy is best .. instead will suggest some interesting topics and approaches to babies from birth to 1 year.

I love the fact that its not dictating what mums should do !

Gaye feels strongly that each baby is unique and each Mum approaches aspects of babyhood differently.

Many baby books are too confusing and often only offer details of milestones to be reached, Gaye says children develop at their own pace and need time to reveal their personality and feel secure in order to blossom.

We all know the brain is not developed at birth, and needs experiences to make pathways and connections.
“Give your baby a rich sensory environment to develop
intelligence and awareness”

Gaye really reassures mums of amazing babies !

I really love Gaye’s attitude and method.
She has been a massive support to me with tips and advice on my baby Ollie. She’s actually made me feel very relaxed in my approach to everything thus helping to make him calm and content in return.

I’ll definitely be going to her next workshop in December with some new Mum friends of mine too.
Maybe see you there!

Love Pippa x

Gaye will be holding a workshop on
‘Raising your amazing baby birth to one year’
-Wednesday December 4th @8pm
-Venue: ‘Baltreacy’ Punchestown Naas Co kildare

-Call 045-874175 for pre booking and further details
-Cost €25 per person or €40 per couple

-Follow Positive parenting Ireland on Facebook !

-Gaye offers on to one sessions too.

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