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Winter Perks – What I’m looking forward to!

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Hi Everyone,

Isn’t the weather just gorgeous the past few days?! Long may it last.

I was thinking earlier how Winter will be here before we know it and I started to feel very unexcited about the cold weather and the dark evenings.

I quickly snapped out of it and decided to list all the perks of Winter! 😉 so I thought I’d share them with you so that we can store this post away in our minds and have it there for when we need a perk up!

There’s actually loads I’m looking forward to now that I think of it.

No more tanning several times a week!

I don’t know about you but I’m so bloody pale it’s ridiculous. I’m constantly putting some form of tan or gradual tanning moisturiser on. This winter I’ll definitely embrace the pale a little more!

Throw the razors away!

I don’t mean become a hairy Mary and let yourself go.. But Winter is the ideal time to get some laser treatment done. I’ve had my underarms done a few years ago and it’s been fantastic. I never have to worry about shaving them. I also started to get my legs done 2 summers ago – which wasn’t an ideal time because you can’t expose your skin to sun when getting treatments, then I became pregnant with Ollie so I stopped the sessions. This winter though I’ll definitely go back and get everything done. Fuzz be gone!!

No more bikini diets!

Not that I’m one for diets, I’ve waaay too much of a sweet tooth but in the summer we all try to be a little more disciplined in preparation for our holidays. Wintertime means comfort foods I adore, like Irish stew, and of course it gives us the perfect excuse to cosy up with a hot mug of hot chocolate – nothing better! It also means heavier clothes, which in turn means you can hide a little more under them too! 😉

hot chocolate

Experiment with darker colours!

I love warm berries and brown shades when it comes to lipsticks and nail varnishes- Winter is the perfect time for you to embrace these darker shades and really vamp up your look. Go for it!

dark lips

winter smokey eyes

Winter Coats & Layering

I have to say I much rather Winter fashion to Summer. We get our monies worth in this country when we spend on our Winter wardrobe and it’s just so cosy and fabulous looking too!

I love layering for Winter. I’m crazy for beautiful coats and scarfs!



What are you looking forward to about Winter?

In the meantime, sun, keep shining!

Much love


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