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What’s in my make up bag!

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Hi Ladies,

Happy Sunday!

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty tame, which I was happy about!

Earlier on I went to tidy out my handbag and make up bag- I usually do this on Sundays (if I remember)

I throw out any rubbish I accumulate during the week and I tend to wash my make up brushes on Sunday night too… So they’re fresh for the weekend ahead.

I like getting organised on a Sunday, it makes me feel prepared for a busy week ahead.

So while I was throwing out tissues, old receipts and pencil shavings I thought I’d be fun to take pics of ‘What’s in my make up bag’

I love seeing things like this in magazines , just because I’m nosy and love seeing other women’s cult products.

So here’s what’s in my make up bag today! These are my main everyday make up products and brushes that I carry around. (Minus the bits and bobs for the bin!!) this isn’t everything I use, some days i use less but someday days it’s more, I just don’t carry around the extra bigger things or things I won’t need to top up.

Do you carry around as much as me or do you have everything but the kitchen sink in yours?

I might record a “What’s in my handbag” for my next YouTube vid? What do you reckon?

Much love,


-Benefit Hello Flawless foundation (honey)

-Maybelline Matte Maker powder (classic ivory)

-Image ormedic lip enhancement complex (this is the best thing you could use instead of lip balm, it’s so hydrating & diminishes fine lines!)

-Max Factor gloss ( pristine nude)

-Cindy Lou Manizer (highlighter, shimmer)

-Sleek face form palette (light) I use the bronzer in this during the day.

-Optrex clear eye drops

-Benefit they’re real mascara

-Rimmel wake me up concealer (soft beige)

-Maybelline big eyes liner

-Blank Canvas F30 (contouring)
– F21 (blush /bronzer)
– F16 (face powder)
– G36 (new to BC I’m loving this for topping up my foundation)
– F20 (my main foundation brush, buffer brush. AKA god send!!
– E35 (base colour on eye lids)
– E25 (blending eye shadow brush)

20140706-080926 p.m.-72566882.jpg

20140706-080927 p.m.-72567713.jpg

20140706-080925 p.m.-72565988.jpg

20140706-080925 p.m.-72565089.jpg

20140706-080928 p.m.-72568652.jpg


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