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What I Wore! Summer Denims!!

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Time to brighten things up!

It’s not summer time just yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t start brightening up our wardrobes.

I think we all get used to wearing dark denims, it’s just easy isn’t it.

The thoughts of wearing a bright coloured pair of jeans leave some people in a panic.

No matter what your shape or size you can definitely wear coloured jeans. Once they’re a good fit and a flattering colour for you. The thing with jeans is you just have to try them on, it can be a whole days work and slightly painful but that’s what you have to do.

My favourite coloured denims for Spring Summer are coral, blue, cream and khaki.

My tip is to wear them with a plain knit or tshirt. Let the jeans do the talking!

I’ve found my perfect pair to suit me. They’re GStar from Gasoline , Mahon Point, Cork. (See link below)

I had forgot how amazing GStar were. The moment I put these ones on they felt good on me.
They’re low rise with a soft stretchy feel to them. They’re so unbelievably comfortable too.

I can’t wait to wear them in the warmer months with sandals and a white Tee.

In the mean time I’m wearing my high tops. These are a great style of boots to have at the moment, perfect for the weather when you’re sick of wearing black but it’s too cold for anything lighter.
The colour is good too as they literally go with everything.

My ones are from Bourbon footwear by Amy Huberman. You can get them online. I’ll put the link below if you’re interested.

-Knit is Zara (old stock)
-Necklace is Zara (new stock)
-Watch (MK preppy runway chic. Loads of you trying to buy it in Ireland, unfortunately it’s not here yet! But! You can buy online from
-Alex & Ani Bracelets.

Are you going to be wearing coloured denims?

My advice is get your perfect pair now before they’re gone;-)

Have a lovely long weekend, I can’t wait to do nothing !! 😉

Much Love

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