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What I Wore- family day!

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How gorgeous has the weather been the past few days! Here’s hoping it keeps up.

Actually it was a little chilly in the shade yesterday when we were out with Ollie but in the sun it was fabulous!

Brian and I were both off which was so nice.. Usually one or both of us is running here there and everywhere. So we thought we’d get out with Ollie for a walk. We went to Clontarf.. I kept him well wrapped up though, it was really windy by the sea.

After the walk we went for a lovely lunch. I’ve never seen Ollie so quiet , he’s mesmerised by other babies.. He sat staring at one little baby for nearly our entire time there, trying to get his attention ! It was very cute.

I wore cream from head to toe! Not very practical with a one year old .. But! Somehow I didn’t get destroyed by mucky little finger prints.. Bonus!

‘What I Wore’….

-jumper , ‘South’ at Littlewoods

-jeans , Oasis ‘cherry crop’

-converse , I bought in an outlet in America.

-necklace , ‘Pink Sugar’ (on Facebook)

-glasses , warehouse. (Except in the 1st pic with Ollie , he has mine!! I’m wearing Brian’s Ray Bans)

-watch (silver/gold) MK

Happy Easter!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Much love,





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