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What I Wore – easily recreated!

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What I Wore today is easy and simple to recreate.

Most of you will have your favourite pair of jeans that make you feel good the minuet you put them on!
These are those kind of jeans for me at the moment. They’re soft, very stretchy, suck you in in all the right places kind of pair!
They’re from Blush boutique, Donegal. They’re €35!


The top i got in Reese, to be honest I think Reese is too expensive for a lot of the stuff they have, for example this plain white top.
If I remember correctly it was €70.
I got it for half price in the sale though (a while ago now)
Mind you I do buy a lot of plain white and grey tops, the cheaper ones never last long so spending a little more and finding good quality ones like this in a sale is the way to go.


The nude shoes are my favourite nude ones that I have. I always wear them, they’re from Zara. If you haven’t got a good pair of nude heels invest now, they’ll see you right through the summer.
Nude heels and jeans are amazing for elongating your body and giving the illusion of being slimmer and taller!

I love this green statement necklace.
It’s from Stella & Dot , which is new to Irish shores. This one is really beautiful in person. It’s more on the expensive side at €138 .. But what I will say is, it’s cheaper than buying a whole new outfit. You’ll probably have similar items of the clothing in your wardrobe. So all you’ve to do to create a whole new look is add a beautiful necklace.

I’m all for making the most of my wardrobe. All it takes is a little imagination to create a new outfit out of what you already have!

Have a lovely weekend,

Much love

Blush Boutique:

Stella & Dot:

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