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What I Wore!

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Hi Everyone!

Wow I can’t believe it’s Thursday, this week has just flown after the bank holiday.

I wanted to share my outfit of the day, even though the photographs aren’t great. So I do apologise about that. I was working all day today so when I got home I wanted to get out of my clothes and spend time with Ollie before his bed time.
So I just took them very quickly myself before I got into my pj bottoms.

I thought you’d like it. Especially the scarf and jacket, so wanted to share.

-Jacket .. I got this lovely ‘Ashley blazer’ in a shop in Donegal called Blush Boutique recently. I really liked the shape of it on. The shoulders are slightly pointed which I love. It creates a beautiful shape, I think it’s very smart and sharp looking. Everyone needs a good blazer. You’ll get good wear out of one
My one cost €60 (link below)

-Scarf.. Again from Blush Boutique. The red caught my eye, it’s a great colour , I just love it with black. Or a white tee and blue jeans. It’s a really good replica of Alexandra McQueen.
€25. Bargain!

-Top.. This stripy vest is from H&M , I really like striped tops in black & white or navy & white. I just think it’s a lovely look with jeans.
H&M is so good for basics like this. I can’t remember exact price but it was under €10.

-Jeans.. I love these Topshop ‘Leigh’ jeans. I must admit I’ve worn them to death. Even when I was pregnant I wore them with one of those belly bands to extend them. They’re just so soft & comfortable. I must have washed them a hundred times. I have them in lots of colours and really recommend this style. They’re about €50.

-Necklace.. I get loads of wear out of this Parfois necklace, I’ve spoken about it before. They’ve a new shop on Henry street. Their accessories and handbags are amazing and such good value!

-Silver Bracelet .. I got this little bracelet as a gift, it’s from the new Pandora collection called ‘Essence’ you can choose what you like to go onto it. My pink little charm means “Love” . I like that it’s so dainty.

-Watch .. As you know by now is Michael Kors , it’s called ‘Preppy Runway Chic’

That’s it, I hope you like my outfit post.

Night all


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