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Welcome to my App!

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my brand new App! I’m so excited to finally share this with you. There have been lots of talks, meetings, designing and testings to get to the finished result you see now, and I’m SO happy with it.

Why did I want to develop an app? At this stage is way more than my little blog it started out as nearly 3 years ago. It’s become women’s go to website for style and beauty inspiration on a daily basis.

We put so much effort into our content (Niamh and I) that I wanted to make sure it was easily accessed and never missed by those who wanted to keep up to date with our daily posts.

Life is hectic (don’t I know!) and sometimes we can’t constantly be checking Facebook for website updates or we just forget to log directly onto our favourite sites.

So with that in mind I knew I wanted an app created that would replicate – I wanted it to be clean, slick, minimal and very user friendly.

I think and hope we’ve achieved just that!

You can now get notifications when we publish new content. You can save posts that you’d like to read later. You can favour certain categories.

You can easily shop my favourite items from shoes to coats and everything in between. The majority of what’s in my shop section are things I’ve worn or items I’m just lusting over 😉

We will also be posting exclusive content on the app that won’t be posted on

Thank you so much for downloading already. If you like what you see be sure to let me know, and don’t forget to tell a friend to download it too.

Much love

Pippa X

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