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Viora Reaction skin tightening treatment!- My Experience.

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I’ve mentioned before in previous posts how i used Image Skincare products in the lead up to my wedding. I had a course of facials done prior to our big day and i loved the results. My skin felt fantastic, very fresh and clear.

I’d be thinking for ages how i’d love to get another image facial or something like it for my skin to feel as good as it did back then.

By pure coincidence i was contacted by the Renaissance Skincare clinic in Howth. They invited me out to try one of their well know skin treatments called Viora Reaction skin tightening treatment.


I met with my therapist Kristina, before she started the treatment she explained in detail what it was about.

Viora delivers radio frequency energy to the underlying layers of the skin. The procedure works to strengthen existing collagen fibres, improves skin laxity, saginess and texture.

Reaction’s Skin Tightening procedure utilizes RF energy to stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers, enhance collagen secretion, and improve skin’s elasticity over time. From the very first treatment, collagen fibers are contracted, giving an immediate firmed and tightened appearance.


Kristina actually told me this was called the Cinderella effect. It’s called this because you can see the difference in your face straight away, i compared one side of my face to the other after half was done, i could see an immediate change, my face appeared tighter and plumper. This effect only lasts 24 to 48 hours though, hence the name Cinderella effect given. So a course of treatments is advised to have a long lasting effect.


The procedure is suitable for most areas of the face including the jowls, cheeks and forehead as well the sensitive areas of the eyes, neck and decollete. And now, unlike any other system, Reaction’s skin tightening treatments can also treat stretch marks and lax skin on various areas of the body such as the tummy, underarm, calves and hips.

My whole procedure lasted about 30 minuets, it was pretty much pain free. It just felt like little pricks of heat being applied to my face.

Its been a week now since my treatment and I’m still very happy with my results. I feel like my face looks fresher already, even though I’ve only had one treatment.


A course of 6 treatments is recommended. A treatment would be administrated every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the skin type and physical characteristics.

Kristina told me she has clients of all ages that get this done, from women in their late 20’s to 60’s.

I have lots of brides to be especially asking me to recommend a good facial or treatment This i would highly recommend.

It’s not the cheapest. The cost for for one treatment is 175.00. 6 treatments cost 875.00
I think if you’re looking to invest in something that actually works it’s worth it.

Have you tried this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Kristina also recommend some Image skin care products which i got on the day and have been using at home since. I’ll do a separate post on this soon.

Much love,

Pippa x

(please note this is not a sponsored post. I was by no means obliged to write about my experience here. I’m doing so as i was impressed and wanted to share my opinion)


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