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Vichy Dermablend Corrective Compact Cream Foundation

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Last week I tried Vichys Dermablend new corrective compact cream foundation.

I’ve never tried any make up products in the Vichy range before but I’d heard good reports so I was interested in trying this foundation, although I probably wasn’t the best candidate. It’s designed for those wanting to conceal severe skin concerns like redness, dark circles, acne, rosacea and scarring.

Although I do have lots of freckles so I was judging it on how well they were covered up.

I wouldn’t usually go for a cream foundation like this in a compact (the compact reminds me of one I used going to school , it was 2 shades too light and I was caked!!)

Anyhow .. This one was completely different and really impressed me.
Considering it does give high coverage it wasn’t greasy or oily looking.

The coverage was natural looking , it glided well onto my skin and left it very soft to touch. I didn’t at all feel caked in foundation and any freckles or blemishes were fully concealed.
I used my blank canvas foundation brush instead of the sponge.


It contains a waterproof formula that will ensure your coverage stays put, even in the summer. It contains SPF 30 which is brilliant too.

It’s suitable for highly sensitive skin and it’s fragrance free.

It comes in 5 shades, I used ‘opal’

It’s not one I’ll use all the time but I’ll definitely use it when I’ve had a bad nights sleep and need to hide those bags under my eyes or when any spots rear their ugly head.

I think anyone suffering from any of the conditions I mentioned above and especially if you’ve sensitive skin you’ll really love this.

I hope it’s a tip that’ll help some of you with any skin concerns you find hard to cover up.

Vichy Dermablend range is available from pharmacies nationwide.
RRP €24.50

Much love
Pippa x

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