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Turning 31

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Hi All! Hip Hap Happy Friday!

And… Happy Birthday to me! Yay!

I was born in Mount Carmel at 5pm 31 years ago today. At 11lbs! Imagine! My poor Mum.

So I don’t even know what I intend on this post being about, I just thought I’d write and see where we end up!

I have to say I felt very emotional about turning 30 last year. I don’t know why really. Everyone makes a big deal out of it I suppose. It’s like we dread it, women I mean. Judging by my own group of pals.

So how has turning 30 been for me? Well where do I start. My god! A lot has gone on and it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least, with a lot of ups and some terrible downs. As you all know the biggest down being my Mum passing away last October. Things changed that day in a blink of an eye, which have taught me life long lessons.

I definitely feel older this past year. (Hopefully I don’t look it!!) A lot of big (grown up!!) decisions were made once I turned 30, between my personal life, moving house, making huge business decisions and plans.

What I would say is 30 in itself ain’t too bad after all. I reckon it’s a great age in fact, so embrace it is my advice for any young women reading this who are “dreading” it. You’re young but old enough to be taken seriously! (Well, I hope!)

Also, if you’re in two minds about celebrating your 30th (or any milestone birthday) I say do it!! Have the party, invite everyone, go all out! Make memories with all the people who are important to you. They’re memories you’ll cherish after all.

So yes! 30 was a big year for me in loads of ways and probably the making of me.

I’m ready, waiting and able for whatever 31 brings to me that’s for sure.

Much love


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