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Top Tips & Products for healthy, full looking hair.

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We all want shiny healthy looking hair! And if you’re like me you’ll want to look like you’ve more of it too!

Here are my top tips…

1. Go to a good hair colourist- especially if you’re blonde like me. It’s important to get it right. Some of my friends with dark hair do it themselves and it looks amazing but I could never do it myself. Oh my god I’ve just gotten a flash back to my Sun In days!! Remember that? Jesus my hair was orange!

I go to Peter Mark in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. Terri Corbally colours my hair, she is fantastic. She listens and understands whatever I’m trying to get across. I have no idea what colours she uses to highlight my hair, she just does her thing after we have a chat.

2. Get your hair trimmed/cut on a regular basis. After I had Ollie my hair was so long but lifeless looking. I thought cutting it would be the worst thing to do to get it thicker and stronger looking. Michael Doyle in Peter Mark also styles my hair and he convinced me to go for a really fresh short cut. I did and I loved it. My hair has been in much better condition since.

3. Supplements are a good idea to maintain and help healthy hair and growth. I like the Viviscal ones or the Kerastase tablets (from peter mark) but you do have to take those tablets for at least 6 months for them to work properly.

4. Invest in a good hair dryer that you can buy from a salon. Try to limit the use of straighteners.

5. Use hair masks once a week. If you don’t have the budget to invest or don’t want to spend much on a treatment. Buy coconut oil from the supermarket, the one you cook with. It works wonderfully as a hair mask. You can leave on for as little or as long as you like, it’ll all help.

And some top products…

-Kerastase Bain de force 

(Buy here)


I love this for strengthening broken or damaged hair. It’s an excellent shampoo although It’s a little pricey.

– Aussie Repair Miracle shampoo 

(Buy here)


This a fantastic supermarket brand. They have lots of different types, most I’ve tried. This damage control one I find really good for maintaining good hair condition. The smell alone is enough of a reason to buy these.

– Bumble&Bumble Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner 

(Buy shampoo here and conditioner here)


I bought these in boots recently purely because of their little travel size. I want to get big bottles of them now though because I found them absolutely brilliant for thickening the look of my fine hair. I love this range!

– L’Oréal Elnett Satin heat styling spray. 

(Buy here)


A brilliant heat protectant to use before using any hot tools. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue either.

– Bumble&Bumble Surf Spray 

(Buy here)


Oh my god! I love love this. I bought it at the same time as the shampoos. I use this (sparingly) in dry hair to give instant lift and thickness.

– Kevin.Murphy Hair Resort Spray

(Buy here)


This spray will give you a beachy looking texture to your hair too. I love this brand and have done a review on their shampoos last year (see here)

This spray can be used in dry hair or damp hair, if you leave to dry naturally you’ll be left with relaxed looking sexy hair 😉

The smell of honey, citrus and tangerine is devine too!

– Shu Uemura Wonder Worker

(Buy here)


Another beautiful brand. The Shu Uemura products are always excellent to be honest, no matter what I’ve used within the brand.

This multi purpose spray will detangle, condition, smooth and give a beautiful shine to your hair. Just spray a small amount into damp hair before styling.

The Show treatment oil

(Buy here)


I mentioned this product in my recent pamper post (see here) and I love it. This can be applied to wet or dry hair, wrapped in a hot towel or you can leave it in overnight for really soft hair.

– Catwalk Bodyifying Spray corporisant 

(Buy here)


If you want a big volumised blow dry this is a product you’ll love! Just spray into damp hair before blow drying to achieve a really big and bouncy blow dry. Your hair will have lots of movement and won’t feel set or sticky.

– Redken ’25 benefits’ One United. 

(Buy here)


What doesn’t this product do? Well nothing really, you name it, it does it.

It really is wonderful and gives you everything you need in one bottle.

It conditions, nourishes, reduces the feeling of dryness, detangles, strengthens, primes, protects against heat, gives a silky touch.

The list goes on … And on!! 😉

Do you use any of the above? Or have you any top hair tips to add to the list? I’d love to hear!

Much love


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