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Time Out With… Pippa O’Connor Ormond (TV3, Exposé)

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She’s one of Ireland’s most loved models and one half of ‘Brippa’ with her TV presenter husband Brian Ormond.

As the current Mothercare ambassador, this Kildare born beauty is following in the footsteps of celebrity mums Alison Canavan and TV3’s Anna Daly and also preparing to welcome her own little tot in the coming weeks.

She recently launched the Mothercare Spring/Summer maternity range for 2013 showing off her very neat little bump.

Today I’m taking ‘Time-Out’ with ….. Pippa O’Connor.

1: Pippa, what’s you favourite way to relax?

Well at the moment being pregnant I love going getting a massage. I like to go get a pregnancy massage at Carter Beauty in Blackrock. It’s the same as a regular massage only you lie on your side instead of your stomach and you have this big long pregnancy pillow. I just completely switch off its great; you come out feeling like your walking on air.

2: How would you describe your everyday style?

My everyday style is pretty casual. My favourite thing to wear would probably be skinny jeans, converse, a T-shirt and a scarf. I wear maternity jeans a lot at the moment; I’ve worn them probably from about six months. All the high street shops have a great range of maternity wear so you don’t have to compromise.

3: Who is your style icon?

Hmmm, I like a lot of people. I love Cat Deeley. I think she’s always really classy and really polished. And I like Kristin Cavallari; I thought she always looked great during her pregnancy. Oh I’ve loads, I love Victoria Beckham too.


4: What pricey pieces have you in your wardrobe?

I’ve a couple of pairs of shoes, Louboutins, and a few expensive handbags. But in terms of clothes I don’t really have anything that pricey. It’s just not worth it. You go off clothes or they go out of season, or you get photographed in something and you think I can’t wear that again for a while. But with shoes and handbags it’s different. I have a new Prada Tote bag in grey and I have the classic black peep-toe Louboutin shoes.

5: Have you got your eye on any fashion pieces at the moment?

For after the pregnancy I have my eye on anything that is not maternity wear! I actually don’t care after that. I was in Zara recently and I was lusting after everything. But there is no point in buying anything at the moment; I’ll wait till I’m back to normal. I think I’m just bored and I miss shopping.

6: What would we find in your handbag?

Well obviously there’s my makeup bag, I usually carry a little bag with the essentials. Then you’d find hairspray and a backcomb brush, perfume, my diary, my iPhone and because I’m pregnant I’m nibbling all the time so there’d be an apple or cheese or some cashews. A few snacks.


7: What three beauty buys could you not live without?

At the moment I’m lashing on any oils or stretch mark creams. I like the Clarins Stretch Mark Control (retails at around €45.00) and there’s an oil by Burt’s Bees called Mama Bee Body Oil (retails at around €13.95) It’s literally anything I can get my hands on. I also love the new Kate Moss nail polish collection (retails at around €6.45 each) with Rimmel. They are so lovely and really cheap. I’m painting my nails all the time at the moment because I’ve the time. Lastly I recently bought the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream (retails at around €40.50) I love it. It’s not too heavy, it’s really nice.

8: Do you treat yourself to many beauty treatments? If so how often?

I mentioned the massage earlier which I’d have about once a month only because I’m pregnant. I would never usually do that. Not that often. Usually while I’m there I’d get my nails done while I’m at it. I’d get a shellac or something; so once a month as well and then I’d just paint them myself in between. After that then it’s really just my highlights which is every five of six weeks.

9: Finally Pippa, describe your perfect night in?

The one thing I’m going to associate with this pregnancy is the Breaking Bad box set. Myself and Brian are obsessed with it at the moment. So yea we’ve bought the box set and we order takeaway and watch that. I’m obsessed with new pj’s at the moment too. All I’m buying is pyjamas, I love them. I have quite a collection.

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