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The Saturday Night Show – What I Wore

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Hi Girls,

Happy Easter Sunday! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.

Last night I was a guest on The Saturday Night show. I was looking forward to going on but I felt a little nervous too- probably because I was apprehensive about being asked about my Mum.

I had a rough idea of what the questions would be so I was prepared to talk about rer.   It’s still very tough to talk about it- like I said to Brendan last night it’s actually getting harder for me as the months go on- reality is sinking in now I suppose. Brendan was lovely though and very sensitive towards me, I was really happy with how it went.

The feedback online was so lovely- I feel very lucky that people take the time to write to me. I love reading all the comments and I’m so grateful that people are always so nice towards me.


You may not think it but I’m very unorganised when it comes to outfits. On Thursday I had no idea what I was going to wear and started to panic slightly. I’ve lots of nice things in my wardrobe but I wanted something I hadn’t worn before.

I called the girls in The Ivory Closet in Limerick – I’ve known them since they started their business. I really admire them. They’re young girls (sisters actually) and I just love their work ethic. Not to mention their taste, they always source the most beautiful labels and bring them to their shop. Sheila knows my taste so well at this stage- I knew she would have the perfect dress for me.


The dress I wore was by the designer Philip Armstrong. It was my first time to wear something by him and I was so impressed. I loved the shape and fit of the dress, it was so well structured with beautiful heavy but comfy material. I tried on a few dresses but I felt this would look best when sitting down. I thought it was girly but sophisticated.

In one of the pictures it looks lilac in colour- it’s actually a nude colour. When I tried it on originally Brian thought it was too nude in colour – I knew once I had my tan and make up done it would be perfect. I always go with what I love anyway. Then he always says “actually you were right” 😉

It’s only available to rent at the moment. The cost to hire is €120 and you can find the Ivory Closet here.


When it came to shoes and accessories the obvious would of been all gold but because the dress was all one colour and a pretty safe colour I knew I needed a statement pair of shoes. When I did the life magazine shoot recently I fell in love with the leopard print Kurt Geiger heels. I had seen the same shoe in a different pattern which I had in my head.. I went into Brown Thomas on Friday and tried them on- they were perfect. Luckily for me I’d been keeping a voucher for something really nice. At over €300 they are pretty pricey. This particular print and colour though I’ll wear over and over again- they’ll be amazing with jeans and a simple top even.  See them here.

Lots of people wondered were they comfortable- yes! They are. I promise you they’re easy to walk in. The leather is so soft too they didn’t at all pinch me. I adore them.


My jewellery was all from Loulerie on Chatham street. How fabulous were the earrings by Alexis Bittar.

If you’ve never been to Loulerie you should definitely go for a look. Louise the owner has the most beautiful collection I’ve ever seen. Just be warned you’ll want everything!!


Tomorrow I’ll do a post on hair and make up- I’ll be sharing my shiny leg tip too for anyone that’s interested!

Have a lovely evening,

Much love


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