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The Prettiest Plaits To Try This Season!

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Ladies, prepare to feast your eyes on the prettiest, most eye-catching plaits you’ll want to learn season! The daily scroll through Pinterest and Instagram always results in our camera roll being flooded with screenshots of fab hair and beauty inspo. And these gorgeous plaited hairstyles have us utterly obsessed.



Plaits/braids (whatever you want to call them), have to be one our ultimate fave hairstyles for spring and summer. There’s something so girly and relaxed about them. If only we could do all of these ourselves! Now, wouldn’t that be ideal? 😉

c012d1ab93d1deb781a893c653a03554291842b31acc5df7b255d652f0f48aefAlthough there are lots of tutorials online, getting a friend or skilled hairdresser to do the more complicated styles for you might be a tad bit easier if you don’t have as much patience (guilty!).


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 15.41.58


So do you appreciate a good braid when you see one too? 😉 Which style would you rock?


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