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Pippa’s beauty must haves!

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Lush cosmetics
Lush is awash with untreated, organic cosmetics that are as unique in visual, smell and content as the store is in being one of only few outlets who are firmly committed to a policy which precludes testing its products and ingredients on animals. This is elucidated by the spectacle of unique bath bombs, bubble bar slices and luxury bath melts cramming the shelves.
Lush pride themselves on making effective and fresh cosmetics by hand. The fusion of fruity as well as exciting smells within the store is an upshot of the unique way Lush sources their ingredients from all around the world. The Lush aroma is instantly recognisable. Whether you like it or not you will be redolent of the most distinctive scents upon exiting the store. Lush has an amazing range of quirky Christmas themed gift sets available just in time for the festive season. These are a real treat for anyone with their unique packaging and beautifully designed handmade designs. Grab them while you can!

Ógra Skincare
Every so often you try a skincare product that leaves you feeling really excited and Ógra definitely falls into this category. What will capture your imagination more is the unbelievable story behind this brand. An Irishman working on a midlands bog came across a strange shape in the peat one day in 2003. The man was startled when he unearthed a body and immediately called the Gardai. Detectives initially believed the body was that of a recent murder because it was so well preserved in the bog in Croghan, county Offaly. The man had been murdered as they suspected – only he met his brutal death around 2,500 earlier!

Scientists were fascinated by this Iron Age man because of how well his body was preserved in the bog. The qualities of the peat managed to keep this prehistoric man’s nails perfectly intact. The story of Old Croghan Man is not a unique example of how bodies and artefacts were exhumed in remarkable condition after being buried in peat for over 2,000 years.

BILL Kenny waited patiently for the scientists to confirm what he already knew – the peat in the Irish bog has the natural ingredients to keep the skin young.

The laboratory results were the proof – on paper – that Bill needed and ÓGRA Skincare was born. He now has the science to prove that the peat has natural ingredients that have been long recognised in Ireland. “We’ve made the natural goodness of peat accessible for everyone, no matter where they are in the world,” says Bill.

Each of the skincare products is light and easily absorbed by the skin. Beauty experts, celebrities – and most of all – ordinary people of all ages are enjoying the benefits of ÓGRA today.

Best products:
The Peat face and body mask: this mask left my skin ultra smooth , flawless and healthy. I’d recommend it to anyone who needed a skin pick me up. €29.95

Exfoliator:   Ógra’s exfoliator does exactly what an exfoliator should do! This one is amazing as it has a very gritty texture so you can really feeli it working. It completely revitalised my skin and followed by the moisturiser had it feeling brand new! €27.95

Anti aging Moisturiser: Fantastic moisturiser that quenches your skin’s thirst and has an exquisite texture. €35
The striking black and gold packaging of Ógra products let you know that you are going to experience something luxurious and special and the experience certainly doesn’t disappoint.

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