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The Neckerchief Trend

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Hi ladies,

Today we’re looking at one of our favourite trends from this season: the neckerchief. Not only are they an easy peasy accessory to style, they’re also reasonably inexpensive. How could you not love them?


ZARA neck scarf 

Also called a neck scarf or bandana scarf, this must-have accessory works for casual wear as well as more dressed up looks. You can wear it quite tightly around the neck like a choker or you could simply tie a cute little knot or bow – we like to alternate the styles for different outfits but it’s your own preference. 🙂

c40251941b98d46874172447de4496a5 Pic via Happily Grey


Pic via The All Hate Us

So if you’re a fan of Parisian chic style, the neckerchief is definitely a trend to try right now. Scroll through our star picks below.

What are your thoughts on the trend? Love or hate?


Featured Image via ASOS

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The Jenny Blue

Hi ladies, Today we’re looking at

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