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The easiest make up look ever?!

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When Charlotte Tilbury announced she was bringing her make up range to Ireland I was very excited.

I’d heard so much about her and after reading up on her (& stalking her online!) I loved her even more.

I loved her attitude, quirkiness and ethos. She worked so hard on something she was so passionate about. She’s so hands on with her brand also which I love. I think when someone is that genuinely into what they’re doing and saying you just naturally want a piece of it.

She’s into eyes and famous for the Kate Moss smokey eye. Boy does she know how to make them sparkle for women. She says herself that she can make women’s eyes mesmerizing!

When I went to check out her range I was struck by a few things- it looked beautifully luxurious for one but everything is very cleverly marketed. She has photographs at the counter of numerous different make up looks  on beautiful faces. All the looks have different names. It made it much easier in deciding what you’d like to recreate.

I was instantly drawn to the eyeshadows. Charlotte recommends different colours for different eye colour types which I thought was so clever.

So I went for what she recommended for blue eyes night and blue eyes day.

They’re eyeshadow pencils and hands on my heart the easiest and best eye make up I’ve ever used.


Initially I thought €25 each, okay that’s a little pricey.. But! When I tried these on they’re worth every cent. The pencil glides onto your eyelid really easily. The pigmentation is wonderful. There’s no need to use half a pencil trying to build up the colour. Best of all is… It does not budge! For a soft pencil shadow that I’d applied all over my lid I’d at least expect it to crease on my socket or have to use a primer. It dries in literally 30 seconds. It won’t move until you use your eye make up remover. (I’m using a cheap Garnier remover at the moment, it’s perfect)

My night time pencil is called Colour Chameleon Black Diamonds. It’s a stunning deep black with subtle specs of silver going through it.


My daytime pencil is called Colour Chameleon Champagne Diamonds.   This one is the most beautiful sparkly champagne colour. It really brightens your eyes.

You can check them out online here.

Have you any Charlotte Tilbury goodies yet? The magic cream is my next purchase. It’s supposedly incredible!

Much love,


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