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The Countdown is on – 31 week pregnancy update!

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Now that I’m counting down in single digits it’s all starting to feel very close- I have less than 9 weeks to go now.

Since my 7 month update (see here), to me it feels like my bump has doubled in size. It’s round like a football and is really starting to stick out at the front. To be honest it looks and feels exactly like the last time except Ollie was measuring bigger all the time because of my gestational diabetes. It’s unbelievable how your body can adapt and stretch so much. You think god I don’t think it’ll go much more, then 2 weeks later… boom! You’ve stretched significantly. Clothes that fitted me only a week or 2 ago all of a sudden don’t now- the rapid growth at the moment is crazy. Baby is definitely getting big and strong each day- the kicks are so intense now and sometimes stop me in my tracks they’re that hard.

Speaking of stretching I’ve escaped any marks so far, I’m not sure if that’s a genetic thing? My mum and my sister never got one mark either. Or is it because I lather myself in oils and creams every morning and night.I’m not sure to be honest, but I’ll keep going with what I’m doing and hope for the best.

I use a mixture of a few different products.


At nighttime I usually use oil. I like the Burt’s Bees Mama bee range in general, but their tummy oil smells gorgeous.

Or Waxperts body oil. This is intended to use after waxing but it can be used all over, including your belly. It’s especially lovely at nighttime because of the lavender scent, which I find so relaxing.

Most mornings I’ll use Mama Mio body lotion all over. This is perfect for morning time as it absorbs quickly and there’s no waiting around required for it to soak in.

I’m feeling the same as my previous update, just a little more tired but that’s probably because I’m anaemic in pregnancy. It’s tiring enough being pregnant but being so deficient in iron can really floor you. I think I’m keeping on top of it though with lots of iron rich foods and my iron tablets (Ferrograd C). I also take Pregnacare Plus tables everyday as they contain all the vitamins and extras you’d need.

I’m using my pregnancy pillow all the time now too – this really helps with getting a good night’s sleep. It supports your back and just makes me feel more comfortable with the long pillow part supporting your belly.

Everything is growing along with the belly. I’m not complaining, as it’s the only time I’ve got generous cleavage! I ordered a few maternity bras from Asos recently and they’re fab. I was really happy with them. Both are so comfortable and soft to wear. One will work perfectly for breastfeeding as it has detachable straps and some soft padding (see here). Speaking of breastfeeding, I think I’ll dedicate another post to that alone- but I’ve been getting lots of women asking me will I feed myself. The answer is yes (please god it’ll work out for me and baby) but there’s loads I could discuss on this so I think I should do a post on that alone. What do you think?

If you’re not sure of your bra size do go and get measured- having the right fitting bra is important all of the time but especially when you’re pregnant, it’s so uncomfortable if they’re too small and you’ll be amazed at how much better and slimmer you’ll look in the correct size bra. M&S or Mothercare offer great bra fitting services.

As I’m coming into my 8th month, it’s only really now that dressing in my usual style is becoming much tricker. I find casual dressing easy but occasion wear is hard now.

I had a wedding this week, I’ve an awards event this Sunday and I’ve a couple of other special occasions coming up. Trying to find dresses now is tough. ASOS is probably the best for covering the majority but I’m struggling to find some really nice black tie dresses. I really don’t like the majority of what’s on offer from specific maternity sites – I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.. Why are they so old-fashioned? I’ve seen the same style for the past few years ;-(

There are some nice ones from and (all of their dresses are that nice jersey material which is so comfortable)

For the wedding I attended this week I found a dress from Warehouse (see here) – the shift style worked well over my bump and is something you’ll wear again. Over it I wore my light cream coat (see here), which I love, I’m getting lots of wear out of it. For shoes I wore my new snake print strappy sandals (see here) – the prints didn’t necessarily match but they worked well together. Don’t feel you have to match colours and prints with your outfits all the time. Clashing colours and prints can look great.

I got this shirt recently in River Island. This isn’t maternity but it’s perfect if you’re pregnant too. You can wear the tie to the front in a bow or leave loosely tied at the back. You can buy it here. IMG_6355

Here’s some other items I’ve bought recently – some are maternity, some aren’t.

So we still haven’t done much in preparation for baby. Well I tell a lie, I bought a couple of baby grows and I ordered some Stokke furniture for the nursery. The room that’s being turned into the nursery is still looking like a bomb exploded in it. My friends are starting to say to me “Pippa you’re very relaxed do you not think you should start setting things up” which is now making me think I better get started. We’ve just had no time up until now. So next week we’ll start clearing out the room, get it painted and I’ll start checking off my list. I’ll take pictures of before during and after so you can see what I’m doing. At the moment I’m thinking grey and white- I love grey and white for either a boy or a girl, then you could add touches of pink or mint depending on the sex.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my update and I’ll back with another one very soon.

Much love


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