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Pippa’s Style Secrets

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What advice would you give to Irish women looking to embrace current fashion trends?
I love taking inspiration from trends & make them my own. Just because something is “fashionable” doesn’t mean it will suit you. I advise dressing appropriately to age & size and have fun!

Who is your personal fashion icon?
I do believe people like Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn will always be icons. I don’t have one in particular. I like lots of people’s style, like Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss.

If you ever had the opportunity to create a fashion line would you do it and what would it consist of?
I would adore having my own line of clothes one day. I’d have clean cut dresses that were simple & elegant and nipped at the waist.  I’d have a good leather jacket and great cut jeans- as they are hard to find.

Do you have a secret beauty tip for your followers?
Start you beauty routine young & stick to it every day. Invest in good creams & make up removers, they are more important than your make up products.

Which beauty products can’t you currently live without?
Clarins beauty flash balm and Moroccan oil for my hair, it’s amazing!

Is your style strictly designer, strictly high street or strictly vintage?
I love bits of everything. Even if I had the budget I don’t think I’d buy strictly designer.  I love Top shop but I do like a good shoe and I adore Louboutins so I save to buy them. They make you feel super sexy & elegant.

And last but not least, what city is your Fashion Capital of the world?
I love New York! I love walking around Soho and finding tiny boutiques with great finds.

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