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Sona ‘Future Proof Your Health’

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Hi everyone,

How are we all?

Last week you may have seen on Facebook and Snapchat that I teamed up with Sona to launch their Future Proof Your Health campaign. The campaign is a really important one, and is all about getting people across the country to recognise the importance of caring for our health in the here and now but always with the future in mind… or in other words – future-proofing your health! Taking supplements and herbal remedies isn’t about a quick fix, it’s about building healthier and stronger you for the years to come.

Trust me, I know all too well how hard it can be to maintain a routine of taking supplements and herbal remedies but I’m starting to get into the swing of it now. Having been so busy over the past few months, I started to feel really run down and low in energy. Now, I’ve gotten myself into the routine of taking Sona’s MultiPlus capsules everyday and having tried and tested it, I can genuinely say I’m feeling great!


I’ve been giving Louis the Infant D3 and BabyBiotic these past few months and Ollie takes the MultiPlus Junior Chewables, which he loves because they’re strawberry flavoured of course. 😉

I found the results of the recent research Sona carried out as part of the Future Proof Your Health really interesting. The results revealed 40% of Irish people are most worried about their personal health over anything else in the future, even though only 27% of those take vitamin supplements regularly. And what’s even more interesting is that 1 in 5 respondents have only taken vitamins/nutritional supplements a handful of times in their lives.

No Repro Fee. Pippa O’Connor, pictured at the launch of the Sona ‘Future Proof Your Health’ campaign which is calling on the nation to take care of their future wellbeing. Pippa joins Sona, Ireland’s leading producer of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies to encourage people across the country to care for their future self, health and happiness now. Pic. Robbie Reynolds

I think these results really show that although we as a nation may understand the importance of our health, we need to actually be more pro-active and look after our future self right now. That means taking nutritional supplements and herbal remedies regularly as part of a balanced lifestyle. They help avoid deficiencies in our everyday diet, keep us feeling energetic and alert and also repair and protect.

As well as the three products we’ve been trying at home, there are 150 items across the Sona range so there’s something to suit everyone and every ailment – from Sona Echinacea to help fight the common cold and flu to Omergan Fish Oils to help improve heart health.

Have you tried any Sona supplements?

Sona is available in pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

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