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‘Short Hair Don’t Care’! ;-)

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Hello ladies!

Happy hump day!

There’s nothing like getting your hair done mid week to perk you up. Actually getting your hair done anytime makes you feel good!

It had been nearly 8 weeks since I had my colour done so I was dying for a freshen up.

So I took time this morning to go to my salon (Peter Mark, Stephens Green) for my colour and cut. I actually got inches off it today, I’m liking it shorter, I think it’s fresh looking.

Since I’ve cut my hair up shorter I’m getting it cut every 8 weeks, whereas before I was always afraid to cut it and begged Michael to leave it so “it would grow quicker” Obviously that’s nonsense, you have to keep trimming it to keep it healthy and help growth.

Getting it cut was the best thing I did for my hair, it’s so much healthier looking and thicker to touch.

I did loose lots of hair post pregnancy. When Ollie was about 4 months old it came out in lumps, all around my hairline.
It actually frightened me as I wasn’t expecting it to happen at that stage. I thought if that was going to happen to me that it would occur straight away.

It looked terrible for months, I had really noticeable spiky bits all around my face..I hid it well though, with hairspray, and my husbands hair gel!! It made me very self conscious.

With time and some tlc it came back to normal.

So if it’s happened to you or you’re concerned about it happening don’t worry, it’ll come back in no time.
Go and talk to your hairdresser, maybe go for a change like I did…
I promise it’ll make you feel good too 😉

I’d love to hear your hair experiences.

Much love,
Pippa x

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