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Save / Spend / Splash Out: The Classic Black Tote Bag

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Happy Friday ladies!

This week, our Save/Spend/Splash Out post is dedicated to a firm fashion fave of mine – the classic black tote bag.

This style of bag is something I think every woman should have. It’s timeless, seasonless and 9 times out of 10, it goes with absolutely anything.

It’s roomy so you can carry all your essentials and of course, your not so essentials. Most of us usually tend (or at least attempt) to carry everything but the kitchen sink in our bags and this bag is the ideal one for it, girls!

We’ve found three different black totes, all varying in price – from a purse-friendly option, to a bit of a spend and then a slightly pricier Whistles version which you can splash out on and spoil yourself.

You can never have too many bags – that’s my justification and I’m sticking with it! 😉

Have you checked out our post on autumn/winter bags here?

Which tote is your fave?




Leather-look tote bag – ASOS (Buy here)



Leather tote bag – River Island (Buy here)


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Leather tote bag – Whistles (Buy here)

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The Straight Up

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