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Saturday’s little beauty: Maybelline Brow Satin

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Hello again ladies!

Today and every Saturday I’m going to let you in on my little beauty finds. They will be something that I’ve been using that I think you’d love to know about and try for yourself.

Today it’s all about the brows. We all want fuller looking beautiful brows. Personally I think brows are the most important part of any make up routine. They can change and define the whole look of your face. When I look back at older photos of me I look like a different person (not in a good way let me point out!) and I know that’s down to having bad eyebrows. They were over plucked and too severe looking.


These days I get them done professionally by a HD pro brow artist. I highly recommend Kim O’Sullivan or the Lash Lounge in Dundrum (find them both on Facebook).


I only need to get them done a few times a year because they’ve been shaped well I can maintain them myself in between.

maybelline brow

So what I’m loving at the moment is Maybelline Brow Satin. This is a dual phase brow creator. On one end you have a tinted velvety gel pencil that will fill in and shape your brows.


On the other end you have a soft finely milled powder that defines and sets the brows in place.

It costs €8.29 from Boots.

For that price you certainly won’t be disappointed. I do still love my Laura Mercier brow definer gel but this is much cheaper and easier to use for everyday.

Have you tried this yet or what do you like to use on your brows? Let me know…

Much love


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