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Saturday’s Little Beauty: Kevin.Murphy Angel Wash & Rinse

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Hi Ladies,

Last Saturday I started my ‘Saturday’s Little Beauty’ series. You can see my last one here.

This week I’m continuing to let you in on my favourite beauty products.

Something I haven’t touched on too often is hair care. At the moment my hair is in the best condition it’s ever been. I’ve gone through the mill with bad hair in the past mind you, having bad extensions and bad colour left my hair in terrible condition over the years.

I ditched the extensions a long time ago and in the past year I’ve been getting it cut every 6 weeks. Before this I never wanted my hairdresser to cut my hair, I stupidly thought it would grow quicker if I didn’t trim it. This isn’t the case at all.

After I had Ollie (19 months ago) my hair was long and lifeless looking. Since I’ve gotten it cut short I haven’t looked back, it’s thicker and healthier than ever. (I get mine cut and coloured in Peter Mark Stephens Green)

That’s down to using good products too. Being blonde can be tricky, I get my colour done every 2 months (I mean I’m a natural I swear!!) it can get easily damaged and dried out.


For some time now I’ve been using KEVIN.MURPHY Angel Wash & Rinse.

This shampoo and conditioner was made for me!! It’s for fine and coloured hair.

angel wash rinse

The Angel Wash (shampoo) promises to add volume, thicken, reduce breakage and is colour safe- as in it won’t strip the colour from your hair. This has definitely done all of the above, my hair feels thicker and volumised when I use this. With some thickening shampoos I’ve used in the past they have been heavy and left a residue- this is light to use and doesn’t feel like there’s residue left behind.

The Angel Wash (conditioner) is really conditioning without weighing your hair down. It gives my hair a gorgeous shine which I think is hard to achieve when you’re blonde especially. It just feels stronger too.

I’ve been using them every second day too which has been perfect.

If you’re looking to get some really good hair care I think you’ll be delighted with this range. I’m not familiar with the rest of the range but I know from looking them up they have shampoo and conditioners that will cater for every hair type!

For stockists you can check They retail at €22 each.

I’d love to know if you’ve any shampoos you swear by? Or have you used this one?

Much love,


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