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REVIEW: He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan!

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Hi Everyone!

When it comes to tans I have probably tested 90% of them.

I’m naturally Snow White with freckles! The older I got the more I grew to like my freckles.. But! I’m not okay with being a white or blue tone!! 😉

I like to wear something on my skin , even if it’s just a gradual tanning Moisturiser .. I’d usually put something like that on in between tanning.

Being tangoed though is much worse than being pasty white so that’s not a look we’re going for either.

To be beautifully bronzed is what we want! 😉

Maybe because I’m so pale a lot of tans just don’t work on me, they either hardly develop or they have a very orange tone.

I usually go for a mousse, I just like them, they seem to work best on me, plus they’re so quick to apply too.

This time I tried a new tan by He-Shi, it’s called Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan (RRP €27.50)

I’ve been a fan of He-Shi since I tried their range a good while ago. I remember thinking it was very good, so I was expecting great things from this one.

-First impressions.
It’s a liquid tan, which I’m not crazy about, just because I think they’re a little messy, I tend to spill them and they take longer to apply in my past experiences.

-What I did to prep my skin.
I exfoliated well for at least 3 days before hand. To do this I use exfoliating gloves that I bought in boots. Shower gel and a body scrub will do the trick.

-How I applied it.
I had nothing on my skin beforehand, no moisturisers etc.. I don’t recommend shaving your legs then applying tan soon afterwards. Try do that the day before.
Otherwise It’ll sting and you’ll get those little red dots showing up. I used a He-Shi tanning mitt.
I apply tan from the feet up.
I applied this everywhere. I went over my whole body a second time too, just because I’m so white!! 😉 I only applied one coat to my face though as I don’t want my face darker than my body after I do my make up.
It didn’t feel at all sticky , it dried pretty quickly and I got dressed (in loose clothing) 5 mins later.

-How it went on & developed.
It was actually really easy to apply this.
The lotion is dark brown so you can see exactly where you’re applying it.
It develops in 1 hour so you can have your shower after that time if you want to, which is handy if you don’t have the time to leave it on for any longer.
I could see it develop rapidly in the first hour. I went to bed after I applied mine and let it develop more over night resulting in a deeper tan.
I lightly rinsed it off the next morning, I was delighted to see it didn’t all go down the drain , I find some tans look super the next morning , then you have a shower and half of it vanishes.
That definitely wasn’t the case with this one.
There were no steaks from the water either.
I was really happy with the results, it’s an even gorgeous golden brown colour.

And if you’re lucky enough to have some natural sun kissed skin already this would come up even nicer I reckon.

It gets a big thumbs up from me.

Next on my list is He-Shi’s other latest tanning product , ‘Gold foaming Mousse’ .. I’ve a feeling I’ll love that one even more.

I’ll keep you updated anyway.

He-Shi is available from selected department store and various pharmacies nationwide.

Or online from

Have you tried this one yet?

What else do you recommend? I’d be interested to hear incase I haven’t tried it yet..

Much love

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