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Pregnancy Update #4

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Hi ladies,

It’s hard to believe I’m 18 weeks already.

This pregnancy is so different to my first. I’m pretty much feeling the same as my first pregnancy but by different I suppose I mean I’m different about it.

On your first you know exactly how many weeks and days you are. I got daily updates from various pregnancy apps and was able to tell my husband the baby is the size of a banana now!

This time I have to think about how many weeks I am and I haven’t downloaded one app to keep me updated. I sometimes forget I’m pregnant as I’m so busy with Ollie and work.

It’s funny how different and how much more relaxed you are once you have one. The good thing about all of that is it’s making the time go by pretty quickly.

I have a scan this week, which I’m really excited about as it’s been a few weeks and I know we’ll notice a big change in size and development. It’s mind blowing every time you have a scan. To see baby moving around or sucking their thumb, I could watch them all day. Just to hear the heartbeat is so heartwarming and reassuring.

Lots of women have asked me where I’m

attending. For Ollie I went to Dr Valarie Donnelly in Mount Carmel, I absolutely loved my experience there so I was very sad to see it close. This time I’m attending Dr Peter Boylan in Holles Street. I had heard great things about Dr Boylan so that’s why I wanted to go to him.

I’ve been feeling good for the past few weeks. Mind you it took a day or two to recover from the ball in Powerscourt – staying up late literally makes me feel hungover when I’m pregnant, it’s horrible.

Speaking of hangovers, I definitely don’t miss those. I feel so much fresher and better for not drinking. I don’t mind not having a drink, I got used to the idea pretty quickly.

My skin is okay at the moment, but I best not speak too soon. I could wake up tomorrow with lots of new spotty friends. It’s very temperamental these days. I’m still using the Mama Mio range and I really like them. You can find them here.

My bump is still at that in between stage, doesn’t quite look like a proper baby bump. Well depending on what I wear really.

I remember waking up at 22 weeks and thinking  “Wow! That’s a full on bump”, so I’m sure that’ll happen sooner this time.

Much love

P & bump x

This week I’m lusting after…

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