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Pregnancy Update #3: 4 months!

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Hi Girls,

So I decided not to post last Monday as I hadn’t a huge amount to report, so rather than it being a little boring I felt it would be better to wait another week. Maybe I’ll continue doing it fortnightly, unless I’ve lots to report some weeks I’ll update weekly.

Thanks a mill to Holly Shortall for my illustration, I love it!

So I’m now 16 weeks. Bump is definitely out now although it’s hard to tell when I’m fully dressed still. It’s crazy how much bigger it gets in the evening, I literally feel 7 months pregnant at night time!

Last week I was in London for a short stay (read about that here) we had such a lovely time, it was great to go out for dinner just the two of us. That rarely happens anymore. We’re either at a work event or people are usually with us so it was nice to spend a few hours on our own to have a good chat.

I dragged poor Brian to a few shops before catching our flight home.

I got some nice things in Topshop maternity section on Oxford Street. Still though the selection isn’t huge. I found only one sparkly/ nighttime dress. Pregnant people mustn’t go out!!! 😉

Anyway, non maternity will still work but I actually don’t like buying a size up in some non maternity when I’m pregnant because I feel they just don’t sit well and can sometimes make you look bigger on top for example.

So here’s what I got in Topshop…


Another pair of Jamie jeans. These are so so comfy I had to get another pair. Buy here


Fleecy Oakland jumper, this is so warm. I love the relaxed over sized fit. Comes in maternity (here) and normal (here) too.


Sparkly overlay dress. I really liked the figure hugging but comfortable fit of this dress. Buy here.


White v-neck top, this will be fab under a black blazer. It’s a great price too! Buy here.


Buckle strap boots (Buy here)


Fringe pointed boots -Topshop (Buy here)

I got 2 pairs of black boots – I never seem to have enough. I love them both. They’re gorgeous on.


I got this gorgeous dress in River Island. The shape is perfect over the bump, particularly if you don’t like anything too tight. I’d go for this shape a lot in general. Buy here.

I also made a quick dash to one of my favourite shops, BCBG on Kings Road. Keith Duffy’s Christmas Ball is coming up (in aid of Finn and Irish Autism) so I wanted to get a dress. I knew they’d have something not too heavy and structured.

I got a gorgeous long navy and black dress with lace detail. So it was a successful shopping trip over all.

As nice as going to London was, a lot was packed in during the 24hours. I was exhausted after it then got a bad cold, which I still have. Pretty annoying not being able to take anything strong so I’ve been having lots of honey/water/lemon/ginger drinks. I’m putting Vicks on my feet at night time. Nothing’s easing it though unfortunately.

Apart from that I’m feeling okay. I’m eating rings around me and constantly wanting biscuits and sweets – so bad.

I asked Ollie yesterday if he’d like a baby brother or sister and his reply was “Lolly wants a big horse” so I take it he wants neither!! We laughed so much.

If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll see I started to use some Mama Mio products. These have been designed to use throughout pregnancy. I’m really liking them. I don’t know if my spots have cleared up because I’m out of the first trimester or because of what I’m using on my face now but I’ll continue using this Gorgeous Glow balancing face wash while the going’s good 😉 I’m using it in the shower and in the evening. It removes all of my make up, smells divine and leaves my face feeling clean and soft.  Get here


For body moisturiser I’m using Megamama. It contains Omega 3,6 and 9. Again it smells really gorgeous and is keeping any winter dryness at bay.  Get here


They also do Tummy Rub and Boob Tube, which I’m going to start using soon too.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my update, let me know on Facebook 😉

Much love

P & bump x

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