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Pregnancy Update #2

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Hi Everyone,

So I decided to dedicate Mondays to my pregnancy updates. Like I said last week, I know not everyone will be interested or might want to read them so having them on a dedicated day is probably best, so those that are interested know to log on 😉

I’m 14 weeks now and am feeling good and definitely not as tired as previous weeks. I’m taking my Pregnacare tablets, as well as Ferrograd C as I’m low in iron. I always am but it tends to get worse when I’m pregnant. So with the tablets and plenty of iron rich foods that’s definitely helping me.

I’ve had lots of spots appearing all over my chin, which is pretty annoying. I get rid of one and another pops up. If you follow me on Snapchat (pippa.oconnor) you’ll know I have been putting Bepanthen nappy cream on them, which is really brilliant for drying out spots.

I had a busy weekend with my final Fashion Factory of this year so today I’m taking it easy at home with Ollie and catching up on emails and getting organised for the rest of this week.

I haven’t really gotten a bump yet. It just looks like I’ve had a big dinner, so it’s easily covered at the moment. My normal jeans are starting to get uncomfortable though. I was laughing the other day when someone sent me a message asking how was I wearing my skinny jeans, she said she was pregnant too and was using a hair bobbin to make the waist bigger. That’s exactly what I was doing that day too! It works a treat;-) but what’s brilliant is the Belly Belt, I got one the last time, I just have to find it. It’s much more comfortable than your hair bobbin 😉 I got mine in Mothercare, I’m sure they still have them. They’ll be in other maternity/baby stores too.


I went to Topshop the other day to see what their Maternity section had on offer. I got a few lovely things. Including 2 pairs of jeans, which look amazing. They’re so soft and comfortable. They’re the least maternity looking jeans I’ve found.


Buy here

IMG_3126Buy here

As you can see I went a bit mad with the stripes, I just love them.

The thin striped tee is the same as the red. I like that they’re long, I know I’ll get good wear from them the whole way through.


 Buy here


Buy here

The other stripy top is a like a light knit. This will be gorgeous under any black or grey coat.


Buy here

The striped dress isn’t maternity but it will still accommodate a growing bump as it’s a loose fit.


Buy here

The grid jumper isn’t maternity either. I love this pattern and neckline. It’s long enough that’ll it’ll last also.


Buy here

Nothing else major to report, no cravings or anything crazy going on. Well I could say I’m craving chocolate as I’m eating buckets of it!! Mind you that’s nothing new so I can’t blame pregnancy on that.

Chat to you next week,


Pippa & bump xx

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