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Pippa’s stocking up on Uggs for her Big Apple break

It’s bright lights, Broadway and uggs for Pippa O’Connor. The blonde model is flying over to the Big Apple for a much needed break., 27 September 2012

AND while she’s over there she plans on stocking up on her favourite footwear.

“I’ll definitely stock up on Uggs while I’m over there — it would be rude not to,” the 27-year-old told The Diary.

Pippa is looking forward to spending some quality time with Brian Ormond after their stint on Celebrity Banisteoir. “It’s going to be brilliant. I love New York. I can’t wait to eat at all the lovely restaurants and do some shopping.”

Pippa, who is travelling to New York along with winners of the National Lottery’s Big Money Game, admitted that things got a little tense between herself and Brian during the filming the RTE series.

“Of course there is rivalry. There always is with those sorts of shows.

“There was definitely a lot of banter when we were at home in the kitchen. But ultimately we wanted each other to do well.”

The model was a hands-on coach but said the team were more than capable of looking after themselves when she rushed off to modelling shoots.

“They’re well able to look after themselves. They don’t need you there for all the training.”

The model has made several appearances on different reality TV shows over the years but says that acting is what she’d really like to do.

“I’d love to do more stuff in front of the camera. I used to act a lot and I always think it’s an area I’ve really neglected.”

But Pippa has more pressing problems to deal with, namely packing. “I haven’t even started packing for New York,” the model said.

“I’ll just throw everything in the suitcase tomorrow. I’m a very last minute packer.”

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