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Pippa’s Picks! ‘The €8 T-Shirt’

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Hi Girls,

My pick for this week is a t-shirt I love that cost me only €8!!

Yep, €8! It’s from Penneys!

You just can’t beat Penneys for things like this.. I thought they’d a great selection of casual clothing like this at the moment, not to mention summer clothes..

(that’s a whole different post, maybe I’ll pick a whole wardrobe for your summer hols from Penneys?!)

This top reminded me of something I have from Abercrombie & Fitch.. (That i probably paid $50 for!!)

I love the different coloured sleeves and the low cut v-neck, it’s very flattering.

It’s loose and easy to wear. I got another one too, same style but just with a different logo and it’s white grey and blue.

For €8 you can’t go wrong really!

Do you like it?

Much love

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