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Pippa’s Picks! – The Boyfriend Cardigan

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Hi Everyone!

What a gorgeous sunny day.. I hope you’re all enjoying it , in between working , minding kids etc !!

I like to call this post “Pippa’s Picks” I know! catchy eh?! 😉

Every week I’ll post something that I love at the moment … Mainly clothing items !

Since I’ve been wearing this cardi since I bought it I thought it would be a good one to start off with.

Say Hello to The Boyfriend Cardigan!

It’s boyfriend everything these days , although I hear “The Girlfriend Jeans” are about to take over the boyfriends -but that’s a whole different post!

For now we’re sticking with boyfriend!

I absolutely love this over sized loose cardigan. I spotted it in Oasis (Grafton St) a few weeks ago.

I love the neutral colour. I’ve worn it with boots, flats , and heels with different coloured denims , and each look has been so different.
It costs €40.

It’s perfect for this weather when you still want to cover up a little on chilly days.

It’s just effortlessly stylish looking – I think so anyway 😉

What do you reckon ? Have you got one? Do you like it too ?

Much love
Pippa x

(See pics below for more boyfriend cardigan inspiration. A black one is next on my list!)

20140429-075750 p.m..jpg

20140429-075758 p.m..jpg

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