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Pippa’s Picks ! ‘The Biker Jacket’

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I’m back with my second instalment of ‘Pippa’s Picks’ – I think you all liked last weeks from the feedback I got so that’s great to hear, thank you!

My pick this week is ‘The Biker Jacket’

I haven’t bought a good leather jacket in about 5 years. I really want an amazing new one. I’m willing to invest a few bob into it but I just couldn’t find one I’m really happy with (for the money they cost!)

I had my eye on the Kate Moss leather fringe jacket from her latest Topshop collection.
I went to try it on and i just wasn’t a hundred percent. It’s a fabulous jacket and incredible looking on Kate in the campaign but for €245 i wasn’t in love with it. The fringe detail is cool but I’d probably only wear it at night as it’s quite dressy and I was kind of in between sizes in it that was that!

I then went to Bowtique , a gorgeous new boutique on Dame Lane. Ciara stocks stunning leather jackets there (Among other things) I really loved one but my size was out of stock so hopefully I’ll get it when it comes back in.

So in the meantime I found this little number! It’s from Zara and it’s only €59.95!! Obviously it isn’t leather! BUT it looks amazing for faux leather I reckon. What a total bargain. I was delighted with myself.
I sent my sister a pic of it and her reply was “don’t put that on your blog until I get to buy one” 😉

Have you invested in leather jacket?
Do you like my bargain find?

Much love

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