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Pippa’s Picks! Rimmel The Only One Matte Lipsticks

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Hi everyone,

I always find myself experimenting with different lipsticks, especially at this time of year. Whether it’s a bold lip or a girly nude, I like to mix up my shades to take me from daytime casual to night time party glam.


Today I’m collaborating with Rimmel to talk you through their new Only One Matte lipsticks. These were sent out to me recently and I’ve been wearing them almost everyday since.

Finding the perfect matte lipstick can be quite the task, would you agree, ladies? I always look for 3 things in particular: high pigmentation, long-lasting power and it has to be non-drying. The drying part is probably the most important – who wants to have patchy, dried out lips? Not me! So when I heard about The Only One Matte I was intrigued to try them out.


Firstly I was seriously impressed with the colour pay-off. Its lightweight creamy texture makes application a dream. What makes this lipstick stand out from other matte versions I’ve tried in the past, is that this formula has moisturising properties so you’re not left with that chalky, dried out feeling.



My favourite shade out of the range has to be shade 200 ‘Salute’. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know I’m a big fan of all nude-y pink tones. It’s perfect with a simple make up look like the one I’m wearing in the picture above. I think it would also be gorgeous with a bronze smokey eye for night time too. The bolder shades will be perfect in the run-up to Christmas. How gorgeous is the bright red shade 500 ‘Take The Stage’? It will be so perfect for the festive season.



Its staying power is another impressive quality of The Only One Matte lipsticks. I’ve actually found it lasts for hours through drinking tea, talking and eating. And yet another box ticked – happy days!

Also if you are unsure as to what a particular shade of Rimmel lipstick will look like on you, you need to try out Rimmel’s Get The Look app. Simply download it from the App store and you can point your smartphone at a friend, beauty ad, a photo or a person’s made-up face to recreate a look using colour-matched cosmetics by Rimmel. You can then click to buy if you’re happy with what you see. How handy? This is the same for eye shadow/blusher/mascara too.

The Only One Matte Lipstick retails at €8.99 and is available in pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide. Have you tried Rimmel’s The Only One Matte lipsticks yet? What do you think of them?


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