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Pippa brings you behind the scenes at the Pampers Innovation Centre

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Hi ladies

Hope you’re all well? Today I’m teaming up with Pampers on

I have some amazing facts that I bet you didn’t know about as I definitely wasn’t aware. BUT…there is a place in the world where over 1,000 babies per week bop and bounce around a playroom in prototype nappies just so we can have the best protection for our little ones!

In a little known town named Schwalbach, on the outskirts of Frankfurt, Germany you’ll find exactly this going on at the Pampers Innovation Centre. As a mum of two, I was really interested to learn how Pampers create and test prototype nappies all year long that become the trusted nappies we use every day. I’m pretty sure many of us don’t think about the vast amount of science and technology that has actually been put behind creating these nappies but it is absolutely fascinating.

A few months ago Pampers brought their Baby Board members to Schwalbach in Germany to visit the Pampers Innovation Centre. PBB is a group of bloggers, vloggers and Insagrammers who, together with Pampers, will be sharing the everyday parenting moments with you

This centre sounds brilliant! It has a special area called ‘The Baby Playground Lab’, where the 1,000 babies test the new products every week, either at the lab or at home. Diaries are kept by parents detailing their thoughts on the nappy and the parents return used nappies so experts can see how well they performed.

There are over 45,000 nappy changes happening every week at the centre which allows the experts to continue learning from the parents and their little ones in order to develop the innovations and products that are drier, more comfortable and that also fit better.

One of Pampers’ main priorities is to develop products that keep babies’ skin dry. Dry baby skin is healthy skin, so most of the Pampers innovations focus on dryness and leak protection. There is a team of skin experts at the Innovation Centre who test nappy fabric against different babies’ skin types.

Pampers STC

During their visit, the Pampers Baby Board members got to witness the technology that went into creating the new Pampers Baby-Dry nappies. These nappies can now provide up to 12 hours of dryness as a result of just changing the material used in the nappies. Other nappies used a pulp mixture within the nappy for soakage but it left the nappy sagging at either the front or back. The new Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies now use micro pearls which act almost like a bulking agent. The three absorbing channels within the nappy allows for the wetness to move between the front and the back of the nappy, while also ensuring that the baby’s movements are not restricted. This new technology is specific to Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies.



After learning so much, I’m really not surprised as to why Pampers are winners of some many awards in Ireland! They recently won gold award at the Maternity & Infant Awards in the category for Best Nappy Range while also winning two gold awards at the National Parenting Product Awards in the categories Best Disposable Nappy Range and Best Toilet Training Pants/Nappy.

There’s no denying the sheer effort and dedication that goes into making Pampers nappies. It’s something, I suppose, a lot of us don’t think about. However, since learning all of this and the work the experts at The Pampers Innovation Centre do every day it’s clear to see how Pampers are the best nappies in Ireland.

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