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Ollie’s 1st Birthday!

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If you follow me online you’ll know yesterday was spent surrounded by Mickey Mouse!

It was Ollie’s 1st Birthday. He was born at 9.43am on April 10th 2013.

I spent most of yesterday morning wondering how a year could go THAT quickly! It seems like yesterday I was handed this tiny (big!) little boy.

Nobody warned me I’d feel quite so emotional on my baby’s 1st Birthday!!

I don’t know what came over me but I’d a few tears through out the day thinking of our 12 months together.

I suppose the 1st birthday is the first big mile stone, it’s bye bye to your little baby and hello independent little boy!

We had a small party last evening with some family and friends.

My aunt Freda made Ollie a Mickey Mouse cake, it was incredible. She’s made cakes for every occasion now, my baby shower, Ollie’s christening .. Problem is there’s no going back to buying supermarket ones , as hers are so special so fingers crossed she’ll keep the tradition up!!
FYI she doesn’t do it as a business, sorry about that!!

When we were in America last February I went to one of the party shops .. They’re absolutely huge. Like a warehouse full of party decorations! Of course I couldn’t resist buying all the Mickey Mouse party stuff. Brian said I was mad going to trouble bringing them home but everything was so cheap and I couldn’t leave the life size Mickey Mouse ballon there! It was hilarious looking and I’d never seen anything like it here!

Seeing Ollie’s reaction to the ballon yesterday (and again this morning) was priceless , he nearly jumped out of my arms with excitement. He’s been pointing to it since and clapping his hands! (Of course Brian agreed it was the best buy ever!)

We got him his first trike from Mothercare, it’s black and white, and so cute looking. He absolutely loves it! We brought him out for a walk today with it, he waved at everyone he passed ,so proud looking!

He got lots of lovely gifts, too many to be honest. So I didn’t show him half of them yet.

I’m glad we organised a little party, it’s so lovely to make memories and have all these pictures to look back on!

Here’s to the next 12 months.. I’m sure they’ll go even faster then than the first 12. I’m looking forward to the adventure …

Have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to.

And if you’re looking for a life sized inflatable Mickey Mouse don’t be stuck!! 😉

Much love





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