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Ollie’s first St Patrick’s Day x

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Happy St Patricks Day everyone!

I hope you had a nice day with family/friends whatever you got up to..

Our day was lovely, relaxing and yet productive!!

St Patricks Day used to be quite different , I’ve great memories going out on paddys day with all my friends and spending it in the pub!

Times have definitely changed, for the better though.

It was Ollie’s first St Patricks Day. This morning my sister and her family came over for a visit. She has 2 gorgeous boys. It’s all boys on my side, 4 cousins, all close in age! We’ll have great fun when they’re older.

I was putting pastries and mugs on the table this morning and just as I took a photo Ollie popped his little head into the shot, it’s so funny looking , I love it!his beady eyes, Dying to get his hands on the treats!

In the afternoon we went to Howth for a wander. It was gorgeous out there, only a little chilly.
We had a lovely lunch too,I had fish and chips with tarter sauce! Amazing!!
I forgot to take a pic, I was too busy scoffing it.

Then we went for a walk on the pier. Ollie loves being out in his pram looking out at everyone. He’s constantly waving and smiling at everyone he meets, especially to women! it’s lovely seeing people give a baby such a big smile in return. I think a baby smiling makes everyone happy.

We met a friend for coffee before heading for home. Actually I’d a hot chocolate. (I don’t know why we all always say “meet for coffee”.. I don’t even like coffee!)

I then had a fantastic idea to stop at Ikea on the way home. It only took a little convincing, I didn’t think Brian would agree to that on a bank holiday. It was actually surprising comfortable, busy but not crazy.

I’d been wanting a new dressing table and mirror for my bedroom so I was delighted to get it done today.
Brian had it all assembled in no time. I know, he’s a keeper! I made him tea and shared a bit (a very little bit!) of my mini eggs Easter Egg in return!

Did you have a good day too?

Love px

Ps U Magazine will be in the shops tomorrow, featuring my 2nd column! I’ve chosen a great day to night outfit. I think you’ll love it.

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