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New York – My Hotspot List

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Luckily for me I’ve been in New York enough times now to have a great list of hot spots.

I love eating out and I love going to great restaurants, especially when you’re in a city like this. The list is endless in terms of choices but the best thing about New York is you can go to new places that are just as amazing as the last.

What I do think you need to do is make a plan before you go. Research and make your reservation in advance. Usually 3 weeks before the date you want is a good time to book. Some very well known places won’t take bookings until 3 weeks before you arrive. is the handiest and most efficient way to make bookings.

If you’re booking for 8pm for example, arrive at 7.30pm to enjoy the atmosphere and have a pre dinner cocktail. New York cocktails are the best!

On this trip I went to some new places which is definitely on my favourites list now.


On the first night we went to DBGB, in the East Village. Daniel Boulud who is a highly acclaimed NY restauranteur runs it.

I had the most amazing steak and chips here. Followed my ice cream and chocolate sauce. So delicious.


On Day 2 we went to Sarabeths , just off 5th Avenue and over looking Central Park. We had brunch here and it was unbelievable. I had Belgium coconut waffles and a side of crispy bacon!! I’m hungry now just thinking of it.


We had amazing raspberry mimosas too- sure why not 😉


This booking actually wasn’t made in advance, we were just lucky to get a table. We waited about 15mins,  nothing major. If you intend on going over the weekend you should book ahead.

IMG_5461 That night we went to TAO – there are 2 TAO’s in New York. I’ve been to both and this TAO downtown was my favourite. It’s absolutely huge with a dark dim atmosphere, like you’re in a club. It was really cool and buzzy. The Thai food here is probably the best I’ve ever had.


On Saturday night we went to Beauty & Essex. Over 2 years ago now when I was in New York with Brian we had plans to go here, I was pregnant at the time and felt like hell that particular night so I didn’t go and told him to go with our group as planned. He said it was excellent and that I’d really love it. So I made sure to book it for this time round and I’m so glad I did. The front of Beauty & Essex is a real pawn shop, it’s hilarious, you can buy watches and jewellery -then you walk out the back of the shop into this amazing restaurant.




We were waiting well over 30mins for our table – but it was Saturday night and the placing was jammers, we didn’t mind..We happily sampled a few cocktails before sitting to our table. Beauty & Essex has 2 floors and is quite a big venue too- to me it’s somewhere you’d go with the girls for a great night out. The food here was outstanding. I had lamb with spinach along with the nicest bbq chips I’ve ever tried. The desserts here were made for girls (or for me at least!) we got a mini box of donuts and a selection of mini red velvet cupcakes to share. I can’t express how amazing they were! Devine!




As if girls didn’t spend enough time in the bathrooms as it is- here they serve pink champagne in the ladies .. What’s not to love!?


On Sunday (with a fragile head)

We went to Balthazar in Soho .. Balthazar has featured in Sex and the City along with numerous reality shows. It’s a really cool laid back French style restaurant. We had brunch (my favourite meal of the day)





Here i had avocado, peppers & eggs on toasted bread. This spot is an absolute must in my opinion.


It was my first in Dominique Ansel Bakery (Soho) I had read about him before, he’s the famous pastry chef who started the cronut. I went in on and asked for one at 2pm one day- the lady behind the counter looked at me like I was mad. She explained that people Q from 7am to get them. They sell out in an hour everyday. So sadly I didn’t get one this time.. But! We did get other desserts and chocolate chip cookies which were little pieces of heaven. You have to visit this bakery!


IMG_5477 IMG_5478

Other places I love in New York that I didn’t go to this time are…

  • STK (steak restaraunt. A favourite of the Kardashians)
  • The boat house in Central Park.
  • Buddakan (Carrie and Big had their engagement dinner here- I love this Thai restaurant so much)
  • The Standard Hotel (great bar and restaraunt)
  • Soho Grand Hotel (perfect for celeb spotting!!)
  • The Plaza hotel (for afternoon tea)


  • Benihana (Japanese teppanyaki dishes are cooked in front of you – it’s really fun and the food is so fresh)
  • Serendipity3 (For some world famous frozen hot chocolate)

I had planned on doing a shopping post in this post but I feel I’ve given enough info for anyone for one night !! 😉

I’ll save that for another day as I’ve lots to discuss on that front too….

Please tell me your favourite New York spots, or if you’ve been to any of mine?

Happy Valentine’s Weekend xx

Much love


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