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Pregnancy Treatments

Me Mama!
It’s only when you become pregnant that you learn that you can’t always enjoy the treats you indulged in before!! With so many chemicals and unsafe ingredients you have to avoid, it can totally confuse you as to what you actually CAN do! This is a time more than any you need some TLC so with that in mind I recently went to visit U Mamma, a unique sanctuary in Wicklow which nurtures well-being in pregnant and postnatal women by providing a holistic approach to inner health.
This fantastic centre offers massages, facials and a number of treatments all designed for expectant mums! U Mamma specialises in caring for and nurturing expectant and new mums. They pride themselves on knowledge and expert training to support women during this special time of their lives.
Whether you are expecting a baby or recovering from giving birth, U Mamma is a sanctuary designed with you in mind. Their beautifully designed treatment rooms and specialised therapies provide an effective and pleasurable way to care for your body, and nurture your soul during and after pregnancy.
Their pregnancy therapies focus on giving the mother-to-be the special attention she needs, Massage by a certified pregnancy massage therapist offers many benefits. Their therapists have specific knowledge to alleviate pain, understand all stages of your pregnancy.
I sampled the customised facial to suit your individual needs.  It leaves your skin revitalised, radiant and calm. U Mamma’s™ natural skin care products will cleanse, tone and exfoliate your skin followed by a detoxifying yet calming face massage ritual. Mask application and head massage ensures complete relaxation of your body and mind.
At a time when you are constantly thinking about the new person in your life, it’s lovely to get a couple of hours for YOU just to relax!

Pippa xx

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