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NeoStrata Glycolic Treatment Peel – my experience!

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Hi Everyone!

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you’ll know that on Sunday night I tried something new..
I used a Glycolic Treatment peel kit , by NeoStrata.

I have never had anything like this done professionally or used a home kit like this one.

This peel is intended to exfoliate the dead and dull surface layers of your skin leaving it revitalised with a healthy appearance.

I was a little nervous I’ll be honest. The word ‘peel’ scared me, I’d visions of Samantha from Sex & the City when she had her peel done!!

I was assured it was nothing like that and that it was mild but very effective. After having this in my bathroom at home for ages I decided to give it a go.

So I took an hour out and set to work. It was actually extremely easy. It came in a box with everything you need ..
1. Facial cleanser.
2. The Citriate Solution -this is just a cotton pad saturated in the solution.
2. Moisturiser ‘Bionic Face Cream’

The kit contains 4 of everything. For best results you use once a week for 4 weeks.

I first cleansed my face thoroughly.
I then gently patted away any water.
Then I wiped my entire face using the cotton pad covered in the solution.
It stung my face a little for about 2 minuets- which is normal. It wasn’t uncomfortable though.

photo 2

For your first time it’s recommend to leave it on for approx 15-30 mins.
Eventually you could leave it on for up to a few hours.

I washed it off using the cleanser again after 20mins.
I felt that was enough for my first time.

Once it was all cleansed off I applied the bionic face cream.
Immediately my skin felt very clean and fresh.

I took this Before & After pic (which includes the end of a cold sore.. Nice!!)


The After pic was taken literally 10 mins later. My cheeks were a little red but very mild and that went away within minuets.

Unfortunately the lighting is different in both pics but I think you’ll agree it’s definitely brighter looking.

The next morning my skin was glowing , like I’d had a facial. My face felt like baby soft skin. My make up went on really well too.

Overall I’m really happy with it. I think it gives excellent results for a home kit.

I’d imagine when I use it over the next 3 weeks I’ll notice even more improvements.

It’s sold in pharmacies nationwide.. For specific locations see their website

It costs €34.95.

Would you try it or have you already?

Much love

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