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My week! (& Foodie Friday!)

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Hi All,

Welcome to the weekend!

I’m currently feeling a little shattered.
I’ve had lots of running around this week (not actual running!! You know what I mean!!)

I’ve been busy with work and meetings. Also Brian was busy and not around so it was pretty full on juggling everything with Ollie.

Being a mother itself is a full time job, even just to 1. I definitely couldn’t do what I’m doing and take care of Ollie on my own.

He’s such a funny, cheeky, independent little boy.
I love this age he’s at, I laugh at/with him all day long. I wish I could stop time sometimes.

He doesn’t like crawling, he’l only do it when he wants to get somewhere fast. All he wants to do now is stand, he wants to stand at the window ledge, at the couch, at the coffee table- anywhere really. He doesn’t like if you hold onto him, he wants to cruise up and down alone. He gets brave, try’s to take off and falls.


In the mornings after he has his bottle, he’l come into our room, stand at the side of the bed then make his way towards the bed side locker, he pulls every single thing out of it and opens and closes the drawers 10 million times! That’s probably his favourite thing to do at the moment. When you say “Ollie no don’t touch that” he thinks it’s hysterical and gives you a cheeky grin, so I just leave him to it now!

On Monday I’ve a cool competition starting, it’s with the Lash Lounge in Dundrum, they specialise in semi permanent eyelashes and HD brows, I’ll be giving away a voucher to get both done. Alana is one of the best in the business so you’re in for a real treat!

Lots of you liked the post on Blank Canvas make up brushes and pallet. Someone suggested doing a YouTube video about using them. I hadn’t really planned on doing videos but I might try it, put it up and see if you like it.

I’m sorry I haven’t done my foodie Fridays in a while- with being away I just didn’t get time to do everything, but here’s one of my food diaries from this week.

Breakfast- Same as before, (so no need for pic) Flahavans Hi8 Muesli. I love that in the mornings. It’s so filling.

Lunch- chicken salad, with mango, pinenuts, red onion, pepper, olive oil & balsamic dressing.


Snack- Glenisk yogurt with fruit. I love this as a snack.


Dinner- More chicken!! I’ll be spitting feathers!
Grilled chicken, spinach leaves, caramelised onion, goats cheese, bacon pieces & relish.


Snack- handful of yogurt coated raisins.

As always I’d have about 3 cups of tea & nearly 2 litres of water! 😉

Have a nice weekend,

Much love

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