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My typical daily diet!

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People often ask me about my diet and exercise so I thought I’d share my typical food diary for a day.

In terms of exercise it’s pretty non existent at the moment. Maybe I’m making excuses but I honestly don’t know where I’d find the time to exercise.

My days are constantly packed, between modelling, working on blogs, meetings, looking after Ollie, cooking, cleaning, bringing Ollie to water babies etc, by the time he’s in bed at 7pm I’m totally shattered. I know I could go to a class then but truthfully I’m too lazy!!
Anyway I think having a child and working full time is enough of a work out for anyone! 😉

I do like walking though and try to get to the Phoenix Park as often as I can. Ollie and our little dog Lily love being out and about.

Below is my typical daily diet.
My meals are generally quiet healthy, I eat a lot of green veg, fruit, fish, beans.
I stay away from white bread, fried foods, chips, crisps, fizzy drinks.. I don’t intentionally not buy those things I’m just in a good habit, I suppose that comes with living with my Mum. We never had anything unhealthy in our house. I do have a really sweet tooth though so I’ve always eaten chocolate. Nearly every day!!

At the weekends we’d eat out / get a take away or cook a big roast.

I never diet, ever! The only times I’ve disciplined myself was when I did the 3 day juice detox (I’ve done that twice)
Also I had to give up sugar in the last trimester of my pregnancy which I found so difficult.

I don’t believe in diets, I believe in re training your brain to make healthy choices. I think 80/20 is a good balance.

I’ll stop blabbering now and get to the food bit!!


Breakfast today was – Flahavans Hi 8 Muesli with sliced banana. I really like this, it’s very filling and naturally sweet.


Lunch- while food shopping I noticed these ‘slimbos’, as I said I never buy white bread, just because I think it makes you feel bloated and sluggish. I buy whole grain wraps or brown bread.
I liked these though as they aren’t full of dough , there’s only 100 calories in each one too which is super for anyone counting calories.
I had spinach , low low cheese, turkey and baby tomatoes on it, with a little light hellmanns mayo.

Other typical lunches for me are tuna & avocado. Or..
Homemade Minestrone soup & brown bread.


Dinner – this is so quick and really tasty. It’s my go to meal when I want to whip something up quickly. It’s really healthy too.
Chicken pieces in a creamy sauce made with a dollop on light Philadelphia cheese, chicken stock/half pint of water, squeeze of a lemon. Add some cherry tomatoes into the pot and leave to simmer.
Separately I boiled some asparagus for only a couple of mins and added some basmati rice too. See, simples!

Throughout the day I always drink 2 litres of water. It can be hard to get that much into you but again it’s habit now and a good one to try get into!

For dessert I had tea and some mint aero ! 😉

If you like these kind of foody posts please let know.. I’m no Nigella but I’m happy to share any nice meals/recipes or healthy snacks I think people might like.

Thanks for reading ,
Pippa x

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