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My Skin Care Routine!

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When I was a teenager my skin was terrible. I constantly broke out in spots and I really hated it. When I left school aged 18 it just seemed to clear up- thank god!

As I’ve gotten older my skin has gotten better. I don’t know exactly what that’s down to but I do credit a lot of it to how well I look after my skin.
From a young age I’ve had a good skin care routine (mainly because I wanted to do anything to clear it up when I was in school)

I didn’t use any fancy or expensive products when I was young but I made sure to get what I could afford and always cleansed toned and moisturised.

When I was in my early 20’s and started modelling I began to use a day and night cream and also started using an eye cream.

I don’t smoke and definitely don’t drink as much as I used to now that Ollie is here!! So that all helps too I suppose.
Mind you in the first 3 months of my pregnancy I did get spots around my chin- and if you’re to believe old wives tales that’s a sign of having a boy!!

So what I use now is a bit of a mixture. I don’t think the most expensive products are always the best. I tend to use things for a while then switch back and forth depending on the weather , how my skin feels etc..
I think products work better when you take a break from them sometimes.

I have normal to combination skin
and these products are what work best for me.


-Garnier ‘Fresh Essentials’ cleansing lotion.
I’m a big fan of Garnier in general.
This cleansing lotion is very effective, it even removes waterproof eye make too. It’s a great buy if you don’t want to buy a separate eye make up remover.
It smells gorgeous and isn’t drying.

– Garnier ‘Freah Essentials’ toner.
I think it’s really important to use a toner , even if you feel your make up is removed. It removes any remaining impurities (make up, lotions ..)
Your skin feels clean and fresh after it.
You can buy these in all supermarkets and most chemists, a brilliant buy if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

-Clarins ‘gentle eye make up remover’
If I’m working or after a night out I’ll always use this as I’d have more eye make up on than usual.
If you have sensitive eyes this is brilliant. You don’t have to wipe over your eye lids ten times like other eye make up removers. It takes the make up away very easily and you aren’t left with red sore looking eyes.

-Dr Hauschka ‘cleansing milk’
I first starting using Dr.Hauschka when I was pregnant. I was doing a modelling job for them and all of their products were used on me and I just fell in love with them.
They are so luxurious, my skin feels amazing anytime I use these.
The cleansing milk is gorgeous, it’s quite thick so only a little is needed.

Once a fortnight I’d use the ‘Cleansing Cream’.. This is an exfoliator really , it’s a brown jelly texture with sandy bits in it. This gives your skin a great deep clean.
(I like using those yellow flat circular sponges you can buy in most chemists to remove this or cleansing lotion)


-Benefit ‘Total Moisture’ face cream.
I use this every day in the morning. It’s great for most skin types. It’s not too think and leaves skin very silky.

– Emma Hardie ‘Age Support Treatment Cream’
I use this at night time- this is my favourite , it smells like your in a spa (like all of the Emma Hardie products do) if you’re looking for really good products and you don’t mind investing this brand is for you. My skin feels amazing every morning after using this.

-L’Oreal ‘Triple active Night’
This is very effective if you want something really affordable. A great product that works!

-Heaven ‘overnight success’
This is known as Botox in jar!!
I came across this while having a facial in Hyde Grooming salon.
My skin definitely feels tighter after using this.

-Emma Hardie ‘natural lift and sculpt firming eye serum’
Probably the best eye serum I’ve ever used. Personally I rather a serum then cream around my eyes.
This has absolutely tightened the skin around my eyes. I keep this in the fridge, I apply it cold, really helping to bring down any puffiness.

-Benefit ‘Boo Boo Zap’ solution for problem skin.
I used this when I was pregnant.
It’s great for any spots, you can apply it under and over make up too. Great for carrying around during the day and applying every so often.


Not forgetting the hands and body.
-Aveeno ‘Daily moisturising lotion’
I love this, it’s so moisturising and it’s fragrance free which I sometimes rather if I want to put on perfume etc.. It’s not expensive so you can afford to apply this liberally everyday.

– Voya ‘Body Moisteriser’
This is an Irish brand coming from Sligo.
It’s an excellent moisturiser, it’s very thick so only a little is needed.
It has a gorgeous citrus smell.
I like applying this at night before I go to bed. It can help improve skin tone and elasticity.

-Emma Hardie ‘Hand and Nail Treatment Cream’
A stunning luxurious cream that leaves my hands so soft, it helps to fade out imperfections and age spots which would be a super product for any older skin. Hopefully it’ll keeping my hands from ageing for a bit so!!

So that’s all of my lotions and potions.. Well some of them!! 😉

Please let me know if you’ve tried any, what do you think of them?
Or what’s your skin care must haves? So I can try them too!! 😉

Love Pippa x

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