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My Secret to Shimmering Shiny Legs!

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Hi Girls,

Finally I’m getting around to sharing my shiny leg tip with you.


I love tanned legs but I love that it’s possible to enhance the length and shape of them too (yes! And it doesn’t involve a diet!)

I’m so fair, actually I’m ghostly white with many freckles! I do love the freckles now mind you.

Last Friday evening I applied a layer of Rimmel’s latest tanning mousse (get it here)

I used the dark shade.


*Tip* If you shave your legs don’t apply your tan straight away – shave them that morning and wait to apply the tan that night. 

I applied a good layer of the mousse with a clean tanning mitt and although it says it’s a 1-hour tan I left it to develop over night.

On Saturday morning I gently showered it all off.

Then I applied a layer of E45 Intense Recovery moisturiser (see here).

This one is for very dry skin – I think it’s a brilliant everyday moisturiser in general. Especially if you’re always wearing tan, it can be so drying on my legs especially.


Do you ever get red dots on your legs after you put instant tan on? I do! So the E45 gives a barrier effect to your skin, leaving your legs very shiny and smooth looking. It’s the perfect base for what’s to follow…

That night before I got dressed I sprayed a light layer of Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs. It’s an instant tan, like make up for the legs. See here. I rub that in using the mitt from before.


Then last but not least is my ultimate leg product – it’s Charlotte Tilbury ‘Supermodel Body Slimmer Shimmer’.


This is my absolute favourite product at the moment. It really gives your legs the most fabulous sheen. I apply it down the centre of my legs – it’s rolling applicator makes it easy to apply. I actually buff it in with a clean foundation brush!! Yes, I literally paint myself! 😉 It makes legs appear longer and slimmer – honestly it does. I’ve seen this done on other people too.


I’ve used it before on my arms, back and collar bones. It’s stunning on the skin. I think it would be beautiful on brides too if you’re wearing a strapless dress. I used something on my wedding day.

Unfortunately none of Ms. Tilbury’s products are cheap (boo!). This particular one is €59 but I think it’s worth every penny. You can get it here.

Let me know if you have any tanning tips or if you’ll be trying mine!

Much love


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