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My new must have Maybelline Eyeliner!

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I got the Maybelline Master Kajal Eyeliner in a Glossybox this month, that’s the great thing about Glossybox actually, you get try things you mightn’t even know about or think of buying.

I like a little bit of black eyeliner on my top lid. Nothing dramatic, just nice and subtle. My normal daytime make up (if I’m not working and still want to feel half decent!!) would normally include a tiny bit of eyeliner and mascara, I wouldn’t even bother with eyeshadow.

Sometimes I’d use a gel liner and sweep it on with a brush. I find that pretty easy and quick to do but I’ve been practising for years. So from listening to friends and family they hate the gel liner and find it difficult to apply.

This eyeliner from Maybelline looks just as good and is by far the easiest make up I’ve ever used.

It’s a soft creamy stick. Like a soft crayon. It looks like a fat pen making it very easy to hold while applying. It’s designed to be a pencil that doesn’t need sharpening.

The tip is the perfect size to create a neat line with precision. I like it to be subtle for daytime but you can make it as dramatic as you like.


Sometimes I use any black eyeliner on my lid and then smudge it with a little brush or cotton bud – I find I have to do that as the tip is so tiny it needs to be blended out.
Then I often find it doesn’t last very long.

This one is definitely an exception.
Once you take 5 seconds to apply it you’re done! It lasts all day long too!

I’m super impressed by it. It comes in 2 other colours too, a gold and a blue. I haven’t tried them yet but I’ve included a pic.


It costs €9.19 in most good chemists.

Let me know if you get it and if you like it as much as me;-)

Much love

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