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My Make Up Table and Storage!

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Hi There!

So during the week I began the dreaded task of cleaning my make up table and drawers.

I’ll admit I’m not the most organised person in the world, in fact my husband would say I’m a total messy mess!

My excuse is I’ve too much stuff and not enough room for it all. (First world problems eh!)

I’m a self confessed beauty junkie.

So it’s hard to keep everything tidy and clean.

I usually let it go for a week or so then I blitz everything again and start a fresh.

When everything’s messy and unorganised though I actually hate it. It makes me feel fussed and rushed.

Like most of you, and especially if you have children, time is of the essence.

I need to get ready and out quickly.

When I’m organised and tidy the getting ready process is quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

My storage isn’t anything amazing but since I’ve gotten on top of it all and have given everything it’s own place it’s so much more manageable.

When Ollie came along I thought ‘right! Get organised now!

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So I went to Ikea and bought a dressing table. (About €100) Before then I had a dresser that I kept make up and bits and bobs on but it wasn’t one suitable for sitting at. So basically I’d make up all over the place and I’d apply it in the bathroom or on my bedroom floor at the full length mirror. Neither of which was ideal.

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This table is super. It’s the perfect height for sitting at. It’s a good idea to get a dresser with a drawer that pulls out. I keep the majority of my make up in here. I divide them up into old Glossy Boxes (so handy) …keeping foundations in one section, lipsticks in the other and so on.

On top of my dresser I have another couple of glossy boxes that I keep some creams and hair products in. The reason I keep them in these is because it’s easier to dust and clean when they’re in the boxes.

I have an amazing brush holder from Blank Canvas that holds lots of brushes. I love the look of this and it’s so easy to see them all too.

photo 4

For extra brushes I use flower pots from Ikea as holders.

The mirror is from Ikea too and was really cheap (about €30)

Everything else that I don’t tend to use everyday is kept in a vanity case in my bathroom.

I hope this has at least inspired you to go and tidy all of your dressers and drawers! 😉

Much Love,


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