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My Hair Inspiration for the VIP Style Awards

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Tomorrow is the VIP Style Awards so typically enough I’ve been looking for some hair inspiration the past few days.

I want my hair up this year as I think it will compliment what I’m wearing.

I’m so unorganised it’s ridiculous. I only sorted out what I’m wearing today after a bit of a panic yesterday.

I’m yet to get my accessories or shoes, that will be tomorrow! (Told you I’m unorganised)

My hubby can’t make it unfortunately (golfing trip!!) But Im really looking forward to it this year as one of good pals Brian is coming with me. We always have the best fun together so I’m really excited to get together, get dressed up and have a great night.

So anyway, I thought I’d share some of my hair pics I loved with you.. You might like them too for an upcoming event or bridal look.

The reason I love these looks is because they’re all very relaxed and undone looking… I like everything to look soft and natural. Nearly like you did it yourself- which of course I won’t be! 😉 my pal Michael Doyle from Peter Mark will work his magic.

Which is your favourite hairstyle ?

Let me know ..

Much love









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