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My full Skin Care Routine!

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Hello there!

I thought I’d write out my full skincare routine, I did this months ago but lots of products have changed since then so I thought it was time to update you!

I’m constantly trying different products but what I’m using now I’m really happy with so I can’t see myself switching from this for a long time.

I use mainly 2 different brands, Image skincare and Dermalogica. (Neither of which I’m affiliated to by the way)

An expert would probably advise to use only one brand but I’m not an expert so I just use what my skin likes and what works for me!

These products definitely aren’t the cheapest you could buy.
I don’t always agree that the most expensive are the best.. I think some expensive creams are totally rubbish and you’re paying for the name.

These though are the exception, especially with Image skincare, there’s no fancy marketing or packaging with them, they just do what they say. Their products do all the talking.

When I was in my early 20’s I’d buy supermarket cleansers and moisturisers. That was fine for then but I strongly believe you should find fantastic products that work for you and get into a good routine once you get into your mid-late 20’s. I’m all about prevention. I don’t mind ageing gracefully but I’ll certainly do my best to keep my skin looking it’s best.

I think it’s more important to spend money on creams etc than make up or tans. Those things don’t matter, there’s so many excellent, affordable make up brands so I reckon invest in your skincare first!

So! Now that I’ve given my tuppence worth here’s what I’m using at the moment 😉

Cleanser- Image Hydrating Cleanser. (Every morning)

This is a high potent vitamin C cleanser. It removes make up and impurities easily. In the mornings I’ll use this in the shower. I find this very soothing and just love how my skin feels after it.
It’s recommended for dry, dehydrated , sensitive and rosacea prone skin. This Vital C range really works for me.

Moisturiser- I’m using 2 at the moment. Image Prevention + ‘daily hydrating moisturiser SPF 30+’ & Image Prevention + ‘ultra sheer spray SPF 45+’
(Every Morning)
I actually got one for the summer and holidays, which is the Image Ultra Sheer Spray. I thought the spray would be handy for reapplying as it goes on quite sheer and soaks in easily.
At the moment though I’m spraying this all over my neck and chest! I’m very anti UV rays catching me there too 😉 The daily hydrating one is lovely also, I’m using this every day all over my face. It’s a sheer formula too and leaves no residue. My skin feels really hydrated after I apply it. This prevention + range smells gorgeous too, like holidays and banana icecream!
This is range is also recommend for dry/dehydrated , very sensitive and rosacea prone skin.

Lip cream- Image Ormedic balancing lip enhancement complex.
This is my favourite product for my lips. I apply this all throughout the day. This is designed to hydrate and diminish fine lines. Which I can safely say it does both. It definitely adds volume to the lips also with repeat use.

Eye cream – Dermalogica multivitamin power firm. (Morning & night)
This is my favourite eye cream I’ve used in a long time. It’s a very soft gel. I dab it on around the eye area and immediately it feels very soft to touch. I definitely feel it’s helping to keep the little lines at bay!! 😉

Cleanser & Exfoliate – Dermalogica Special cleansing gel and daily microfoliant. (Every Night)
I love using these 2 products together in the evenings. I mix the 2 in my hand, lather them up and apply to damp skin. I give my face a good scrub to ensure all my make up is removed. I use a warm face cloth too. Your skin is left so squeaky clean and really fresh looking. I recommend these for anybody with spots or acne also.

Face serum- Image Iluma intense lightening serum. (Every night)
This is an oil free lightweight serum. It contains vitamin c and grapeseed oil (smells divine) this is hydroquinone free and is used to treat rosacea, sun damage, irritation, post peel, and sensitive skin.
This has really given me a fresher complexion. I love it!

Face mask- Image Enzyme Masque.
(I use this about once a week)
It gently exfoliated the build of dry and dull skin. It’s packed with vitamins A, C and E which promotes healthier and radiant skin.

Do you use any of my listed products? Do you like them? Or what do you use?

Much love

Dermalogica is stocked in salons nationwide. (I got mine at the beauty show this year)

Image skincare is stocked in select salons also. I got mine in the Renaissance skincare clinic, Howth. that doesn’t suit you I’m sure they can advise where your nearest stockist is.

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