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My Favourites from the New Wild Argan Oil collection by The Body Shop.

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I’ve always been a fan of the body shop, I especially love their body butters.

They smell good enough to eat, literally!

Recently I got sent a few products from their new Wild Argan Oil Range.

Argan oil is one of those cults products of the year that everyone’s buzzing about.

I know it works wonders for your hair, I’d already tried Argan Oil treatments and I was very pleased with the results.

I went away last week to the sun for a few days and I brought the Body Butter (€18.95) and the Wild Argan Oil for Body & Hair (€15) with me.

As much as I love that the other Body Butters smell devine and the scent will last all day, I sometimes won’t use it if I want to wear perfume as it can be too much together.

So! That’s why I’m really loving this new Wild Argan Oil body butter, it does have a distinctive smell but it’s not over powering. It’s very fresh. It really hydrated my skin so well after travelling and then again after being in the sun.

In the evenings after my shower I’d use The Radiant Oil on my arms and legs, it gave that extra bit of moister to my skin. I loved the sheen on my legs especially, it definitely enhanced the tan.

Then in the mornings before I went out into the sun I’d spray the oil on my hair and leave it for the day.

I’ve only used the exfoliant (Rough Scrub, €18.95) once so far, before I went away.
This too just smells like heaven. I used it to remove any tan /dead skin cells. I just used it with my hands and gave a good all over scrub. This worked amazingly at giving me a really good exfoliation, my skin was glowing and felt so soft.

It’s so nice to this at home in the evenings ..have a bath/shower, use your exfoliant, apply your body butter from head to toe, spray lots of the oil in your hair and leave it as a treatment! That’s my idea of a nice night in! Or maybe I’m just getting old?! 😉

The New Wild Argan Oil collection is available from Aug 21st.

Much love

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