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My Dress Up Room!

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This week I got round to finishing my ‘dress up room’ as I like to call it!

I’m so delighted and thankful I could take over a whole bedroom for all my bits! Having the job (and addiction!) that I do I have A LOT of products! So it was time to get things in order.

About a year ago I bought the dressing table (here), mirror (here) and stool (here) in Ikea. The main reason I bought these particular ones were because of the neat size, I hadn’t a large space to fit an extra dresser at the time so this worked perfectly and the stool fitted neatly underneath.


So a few weeks ago I took myself back to Ikea (this sounds like an advertisement for them now I know! It’s not I assure you!)

They just had everything I needed to kit out the room I wanted to achieve. Plus you can’t beat their prices.

I already had the mirror so I wanted to get the strip of lights to go either side of it. I had seen them on so many Pinterest boards. God Pinterest is addictive but so good for getting inspiration.

The lights (see here) have to be wired so make sure you have someone that knows what they’re doing to help you. If you can do it yourself I applaud you!! Luckily for me my hubby is brilliant at all things DIY and put everything together for me in a few hours. I think he was pretty proud of his work, and rightly so. Those chest of drawers (see here) looked like a task and half to put together! You have been warned 😉


They’re a brilliant size though and hold loads. I’m really happy with them.


I love love my large mirror (see here), it’s huge and looks really well. I was going to hang it but then after looking at it for a few days I liked it free standing up against the wall.

The little RIBBA ledges (see here) are great, they’re so neat and perfect for displaying pictures, ornaments or perfume as I’ve done.

I got the zebra rug from Ikea because I thought it was fun and perfect for a room like this. It was only €30 too! IMG_7869

Behind the door I have a butterfly door hook that I bought in Dunnes Stores years ago- on that I have two jewellery holders that I got in Penneys. I love these, it’s an easy way to see things and they’re kept tidy.


On my shelves on the wall I have a black and white frame from TK Maxx, they have brilliant household things.

The little jewellery plate with ‘P’ on it is from Marks & Spencer.

The ‘P’ in lights is from Harvey Norman.

The see through boxes are from Ikea- they’re great for holding jewellery.


The mirrored drawers are from Next as is the large mirror-although I have them a long time now.


On my dressing table I have my brushes in Ikea plant pots.

The other holders are a mixture of TK Maxx, Ikea and old candle glasses (if you wash them out with some soap and boiling water the candle wax washes off easily)


The little bird and tea light on my chest of drawers are from Dunnes.

The colour on the walls is called tempting taupe by Dulux.

It’s nearly finished now- I’ve ordered a couple of prints from Etsy that I’d like to put on the walls.

What I’d really like to add is an amazing chair. The stool is fine and suited when I hadn’t much space but I’d love a statement chair. I’m on the hunt. I’ve seen a few online but they’re way too expensive. I’ll keep looking, I think hot pink would be cool. If you see anything let me know 😉

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